"Secrets, lies and confessions. What more could a family have? Trust, love and protect? No. Only the sadness in my heart lies within. History repeats itself. I need help!"

Klara Jane Tomlinson lived a life full of regret, hurt and felt unloved. She had hurt those around her, including her family. Her flesh and blood. Neglected at a young age, she's determined to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth. But what happens when she has to tell the one person she dreaded the most besides her parents? The strong bond she has with. What if that person is her older brother, Louis? And will love blossom with one of the lads? PS: One Direction NOT famous.


2. Prologue

"I'm boiled with anger in my veins. I forced myself to not give in. My secrets will not stay secret for long. He has to know."


In all other places it had to be here.

Out of everyone in the world, he chose me.

All my life, I've wanted something more than what I've done to myself.

But, you can't always get what you want.


Feelings will be breached.

Betrayal, lies and secrets.

What more can you wish for?

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