They Don't Know About Us (a Liam Payne fanfic)

Sixteen-year-old Charity Stewart's dream is to meet and possibly date Liam Payne from One Direction, but her dad won't let her date until she's eighteen. When Charity meets Liam, they date secretly for two months, but what will her dad do when she finds out she's pregnant with Liam's baby? And why is he so overprotective?


7. What Are You Wearing?

London, Zayn’s POV


A few minutes after I said “What?!  That’s rubbish,” I got another text from Sam.


Sam’s mom: This is Sam’s mother.  I’ve confiscated her phone, and you will NOT be seeing her anymore!


Zayn: What the fuck is going on here?!


“What are you doing, Zayn?  Texting Sam?” Liam asked, sitting next to me.


“Well, I was, but now apparently I’m texting her mum.  She confiscated Sam’s phone for some reason,” I said.


My phone pinged with a new text.


Sam’s mom: You will NOT use that language, young man!  Oh, and I’ve ripped up her passport, so she can never escape the country again!




Trenton, Charity’s POV


I was trying to study while listening to “Take Me Home” when I got a text from Liam.


Liam: Hey, babe.  What’s up?


Charity: Just doing homework and listening to your album.  I can’t listen to “Kiss You” or “Heart Attack” without thinking of you.


Liam: Aww…well, I’ll let you get back to work.  I don’t want your dad to find out like Sam’s mum found out about Zayn.


Charity: What?!  How’d she find out?


Liam: That’s what I wanna know lol get back to work.


I closed the message just as Daddy knocked on the door.  I quickly hid my phone and grabbed my pencil.  “Come in!”


Daddy walked into the room.  “Hi, sweetie,” he said.  “How was London?”


“It was fabulous!  The concert was amazing, and Li—yeah, it was amazing!”


“Well, that’s good.  As long as you didn’t fall in love with that guy you like.”  Daddy left the room, and I smiled to myself.




I had just climbed into bed when I got another text from Liam.


Liam: Hey, love.  I just wanted to say goodnight.


Charity: Aw, you’re so sweet!  But isn’t it like two in the morning over there?


Liam: Yeah, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.  What are you wearing?


Charity: My frilly pink nightgown.  I’ve got your jacket in bed next to me.


Liam: I’ll bet you look sexy right now.  Send me a pic!


Charity: Okay.


I got out of bed, took a picture of myself, and sent it to Liam just as Daddy knocked on the door.  I quickly turned off my phone monitor and hid it just as he walked in.  “Charity, aren’t you supposed to be in bed?  It’s ten after nine on a school night,” he said, leaning against the doorjamb.  “Who were you texting?”


“Oh, just Li—uh, Leila!” I lied, almost blowing my cover.  “We were saying goodnight to each other.”


“Oh, okay.  Goodnight, sweetheart.”



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