They Don't Know About Us (a Liam Payne fanfic)

Sixteen-year-old Charity Stewart's dream is to meet and possibly date Liam Payne from One Direction, but her dad won't let her date until she's eighteen. When Charity meets Liam, they date secretly for two months, but what will her dad do when she finds out she's pregnant with Liam's baby? And why is he so overprotective?


8. Two Teen Pregnancies



Liam and I have been keeping our love a secret for two solid months.  I almost got caught twice, but I got away with it both times.  We’ve been texting and talking every night.


One day at school, Sam pointed out that I’ve been acting bitchy all week.


“Actually, you both have been bitchy,” Leila said.  “And have you noticed your…bodies lately?”


“So what?” I snapped.


“So, I think maybe…”  Leila paused.  “Well, let me put it this way.  You had sex with Liam and Zayn, right?”


Sam and I both nodded.


“Bingo!” Jordan said with a snap of her finger.


“What?!” I freaked.


“You girls must be pregnant.”


“We can’t be!  Our parents would kill us!  Oh, God, Liam’s gonna go to jail, I just know it!”  I put my head in my arms and sobbed.


“Hey, it’s okay,” Rachael said, patting my back.  “Just don’t tell your dad about it.”






“You’re pregnant,” the doctor concluded, and smiled.


“What?!  That’s not possible!  I only had sex once!” I sputtered.


“Well, Charity, it only takes one time.  Who’s the father?”


“Um…Liam Payne.”


“From One Direction?!”


I nodded, and a tear ran down my cheek.  “How do I tell him?”


“Just be up front with him.  Don’t sugarcoat it, because that’ll just make him fish it out of you.”


“Okay, thanks.”


As soon as I got to my car, I called Sam to tell her.  She answered on the second ring.


“Sam, I have something to tell you,” I said.


“Me too,” she said.  “Let’s say it together.”


“I’m pregnant,” we both said at the same time.


“What?!” we said in unison.


“Did you tell Zayn yet?” I asked.


“I just did.”


“What’d he say?”


“He’s thrilled to be a father.  You should tell Liam; I’ll bet he’d say the same thing.”


“Yeah, but I’m afraid to.  Maybe he’s not ready for a baby.”


“That’s a chance you have to take, Charity.  If he doesn’t know, he won’t know how to feel.”


I sighed and slumped down in the leather seat of my car.  “That’s true.”  I hung up and immediately called Liam.  Niall answered.


“Hello?” he said.


“H-hi, it’s Charity.  Um…c-can I talk to L-Liam, please?” I stuttered.


“Sure, love.  Just a minute.”  I heard Niall talking to Liam before he picked up.


“Hello, Charity?” Liam said.


“Hi.  I have something to tell you.  Are you sitting down?”


There was a pause before Liam responded.  “I am now, love.  What’s up?”


“I…”  I couldn’t tell him I was pregnant; instead, I said the first thing that popped into my head.  “I’m thinking of running away.”


“What?  Why?”


“I miss you too much!  I need to be near you.”


“Well, I’m flattered, but that’s no reason to run away.  What’s the real reason?”


“Um…I gotta go,” I lied.  “My dad’s on the other line.”  I hung up, righted myself, and drove home.  When I walked through the door, I saw Daddy with an angry look on his face.  He was holding one of my used pregnancy tests.


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