They Don't Know About Us (a Liam Payne fanfic)

Sixteen-year-old Charity Stewart's dream is to meet and possibly date Liam Payne from One Direction, but her dad won't let her date until she's eighteen. When Charity meets Liam, they date secretly for two months, but what will her dad do when she finds out she's pregnant with Liam's baby? And why is he so overprotective?


19. The Kidnapping

Chapter 19


“Hello?” I said when I answered.


“Hey, love.  I just wanted to make sure you were alright,” Liam said.


“Yeah, we’re just fine.”


“You sound like you’re in a car.  Where are you going?”


I grew flustered, not knowing what to say.  “Um, uh…Nando’s!  We’re going to Nando’s!”


“Oh, okay then.  Well, we’re on our way to Berlin for our show there.  We’ll see you in a few days!”


“Okay, bye.”


I heaved a sigh of relief as I hung up.


“Was that Liam?” Sam asked.


“Yeah, he was just checking on us,” I replied, hooking a left.


“Good.  We still have a few days, right?”






Three days and hotel stays in Augusta and Plano later, we finally arrived at the house in Payson, Arizona.  It was a small house in the middle of nowhere.  Sam and I got out with the girls into the Arizona heat and headed for the front door.  I knocked, and a man in his thirties answered it.  As soon as he saw me, he grew bug-eyed.




“I’m not Carissa, I’m her daughter,” I said.


“You look JUST LIKE my Carissa!  What’s your name?  I’m Mark.”


“I’m Charity.”


He looked at my chest.  “You look like mincemeat to me.”


“EXCUSE ME?!” we both said.


“Um…Sam?” I said nervously.


“Yeah, Charity?” she said.




We started to run, but Mark grabbed us both by the backs of our shirts, causing us to drop our baby carriers.  I could hear both babies crying as Mark dragged us inside.  He started his torture with me, using me like a punching bag until I was black and blue all over.  He then knocked my head against the coffee table, and everything went black.




Liam’s POV


“Babe, we’re home!” I shouted as the lads and I walked through the door.


No answer.  Charity usually runs to the door whenever I get home.


“Hello!” Zayn called.


“Hey, I found something on the computer,” Harry said.  We all joined him to take a look.  MapQuest was up, and it had directions from Trenton, New Jersey, to Payson, Arizona.


I was furious now.  I knew what those directions had to be for.  “I TOLD HER TO WAIT UNTIL WE GOT HOME SO I COULD GO WITH HER!” I yelled.  “That’s it!  I’m calling Charity!”


I pulled out my cell and called Charity.  A man answered.  “Hello?”


“Hey, bloke.  I believe you have my girlfriend’s cell phone.  Where is she?”


“I’m not telling you!” the man said.


“Where are you, mate?”


“Phoenix, but what’s it to you?”


I put it on speaker.  “Lads, ‘One Way or Another’.  Hit it!”


One way or another

I’m gonna find ya

I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

One way or another

I’m gonna see ya

I’m gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha


The man cut us off with laughter.  “You guys are HORRIBLE singers!”


“We’re gonna find you and beat you up!” I shouted.


The man laughed again.  “I’d like to see you try.”


“Seriously, son of a bitch!  I know where you live!”  I hung up on him, and we headed to the airport to fly to Phoenix.


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