They Don't Know About Us (a Liam Payne fanfic)

Sixteen-year-old Charity Stewart's dream is to meet and possibly date Liam Payne from One Direction, but her dad won't let her date until she's eighteen. When Charity meets Liam, they date secretly for two months, but what will her dad do when she finds out she's pregnant with Liam's baby? And why is he so overprotective?


1. Five Tickets to Destiny

I was lazing around on a sunny Saturday when my cell phone rang.  It was my friend Leila Carter.  “Hello?”


“Char, guess what?!  I just scored five tickets to the One Direction concert in New York City!” Leila screamed.


My name is Charity, and I’m 16.  My dream is to meet Liam Payne from One Direction.


“Oh, my God!  Seriously?!” I screamed back.


“Yeah!  I was the ninth caller to the local pop station, and I won tickets!”


I shrieked so loud I probably burst Leila’s eardrum.  “That is so amazing!  Liam, here I come!”


We talked for a few more minutes about One Direction, and then I hung up.


“Who was that?” my older brother Dan asked.  He’s 18 and hates One Direction.


“That was Leila!  She just won One Direction tickets!”


Dan laughed.  “That gay boy band?!”


“They are NOT gay!”


“Well, that guy you like is.  You said he uses pink hair straighteners!”


“He is NOT!  Only REAL men use pink things!”


Dan laughed again.  “Sure…”




“Absolutely not!” Daddy barked when I told him about the tickets.


“Why not?” I asked.


“Well, for one thing, it’s out of state!  I can’t let you go that far!  Also, those boys are like twenty years old!  You’re sixteen!”  He pointed his finger at me when he said the last part.


“No, they’re not!  Louis—“


Daddy cut me off with a wave of his hand.  “I don’t care!”


“But it’s only an hour away!”


He crossed his arms.  “Did you do your homework?”




“Then you can’t go.  Call your friend Leila and tell her.  I’m sure someone else would be glad to go.”


“I’ll study, I swear!” I pleaded.


“And you won’t be late to school?”


“I promise!  Please?????”  I put on my puppy dog face.


Daddy sighed.  “Alright, you can go.  But you have to do your homework EVERY DAY.”


“I will, Daddy!  Thanks!”  I hugged and kissed him.




“Did your dad say yes?” Leila asked Monday at school.  We were on our way to first period.


“It’s on like Donkey Kong!” I exclaimed.


“What’s on like Donkey Kong?” Jordan Perkins asked, walking towards us with her books.


“The One Direction concert!  Daddy let me go!” I explained.


Jordan gasped.  “That’s awesome!  You can meet Leeeeeeee-yummmmmmmmm now!”


I blushed and giggled.  I do that every time someone mentions Liam.  “And you can meet Louieeeeee!”


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