They Don't Know About Us (a Liam Payne fanfic)

Sixteen-year-old Charity Stewart's dream is to meet and possibly date Liam Payne from One Direction, but her dad won't let her date until she's eighteen. When Charity meets Liam, they date secretly for two months, but what will her dad do when she finds out she's pregnant with Liam's baby? And why is he so overprotective?


17. Charity's Risky Decision

Charity’s POV


The baby had all of Zayn’s facial features.  Well, if Zayn was a girl, that is.  She even had his black hair and hazel eyes.


“Zayn, are you done hyperventilating?” I asked into the webcam.  “The baby just came out.”  I moved the laptop closer to Sam so Zayn could see her.


“Oh, she’s beautiful!” Zayn admired.  “What do you wanna name her, Sam?”


“How about Christabelle?” Sam suggested.


“That’s a lovely name for a lovely baby girl.  What’s her middle name?”


“Umm…Autumn!  Christabelle Autumn Malik!”


Louis laughed.  “Your initials are SAM, and her initials are CAM!  Zayn’s initials are ZJM, but that doesn’t spell a word.”


“Louis, shut up before I change my mind!”




Liam pushed his friends aside to get to the camera.  “Hey, love.  How’s London?  The baby, I mean?”  He laughed.


“She’s doing awesome!  Wanna see her?” I said, taking London out of her carrier and showing her to Liam.


I heard a chorus of “Aww…”


“So, where are you guys now?” I asked, putting London back in her carrier.


“We’re in Stockholm.  We’ve got a few more shows on our European tour, and then we’re coming home for a bit before we begin our US leg.”


“Sweet!  Then you can help me look for my birth parents.”


“Are you out of your mind?!  You don’t even know their names!”


“I can ask Daddy.”


Liam sighed.  “That’s true.  But wait until we get home.  I don’t want you or the baby getting hurt.”






As soon as we got home from the hospital, I called Daddy to get the name of my birth mom.  He answered on the second ring.


“Hi, Daddy.  What’s my birth mom’s name?” I asked.


“Carissa Cobb,” Daddy replied.  “Her husband’s name is Mark Paisley.  Why do you ask?”


“I wanna try and find her.”


“You don’t even know where they live!”


“That’s where the adventure comes in!”


“Okay, but take Liam with you.  I don’t want you to get hurt.  By the way, how’s the baby?”


“Oh, she’s doing just fine.  I was able to bring her home today.”


“Well, that’s good.  I better let you go.  I gotta get ready for work.”


“Okay, bye.”


As soon as I got off the phone, I got on the computer to look up Carissa’s address.


I came up with two results: one in Bradenton, Florida, and one in Payson, Arizona.  I looked up directions on MapQuest and, once I got directions to both places, printed them out.


Sam must’ve heard the printer, because she came into the room to see what was up.  “Hey, what are you doing?” she asked.


“I’m looking up my birth parents,” I said.  “We’re gonna go on a road trip and find them.”


“But Liam said he wanted to go with you!”


“I know, but I can’t wait until they get home.  Besides, I’ll have you with me.”


“Alright, but if they come home and find us missing, it’s your head.”


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