I'll Be Here // Harry Styles

These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume...


4. four

Harry’s POV


5 days had elapsed since I was first brought here and they still haven’t revolved me into one of them. I may say that Holly, she isn’t like the girl I’ve been informed about besides that she’s stunning and fearless, Holly isn’t feeble neither physically powerful. She’s the only vampire who doesn’t possess’ an ability which is peculiar for the reason that I was notified that she’s vigorous and overpowering but she isn’t one of those. She’s self-assured, courageous, defensive, yet delicate, self-centred and clingy. These pass few days I haven’t last a day without her nearby unless I’m going to the bathroom or going to sleep.


It’s like she’s glued to me or something which sometimes gets bothersome, more importantly she doesn’t have an ability, so what’s the point of me being here when she is just a pathetic waste of my time. I’m a nephilim for god sake and it’s not necessary for me to be alongside with a creature that was said to be dominant and violent but doesn’t even have a capacity.


“Harry? Harry? Are you even listening?” Holly’s voice hauled me back to reality, her voice lacing with irritation.


“Yeah, sorry, what did you say again?” I master a fake smile at her, trying to hide the frustration in my tone.


“I said that we will be going to Sole tonight! Aren’t you excited?” She jumped up and down on her knees over the couch, a grin swarming her face.


I chuckled at her optimism, she maybe an attention seeker sometimes but that doesn’t mean she’s not amusing or cheery to be with. It’s been a prolonged of time since I’ve been to Sole, more than about 4 years now and I think that’s a good time-consuming for anyone to detect who I am. I presume that Zayn already knows who I am by his vague actions towards me, knowing that we used to know each other, very well might I add; we used to be in a band.


One Direction


It was mostly the finest years of my life, touring, singing, and meeting fans. Good days, other than that after our WWAT which was our final tour, I guess we just realized that we couldn’t grip onto fame anymore and we went our own individual paths, on the contrary I never imagined that we would end like this, hiding from the shadows and demons, concealing who we really are from the human world. I mean Zayn’s already a vampire since we first met him, yes, we we’re startled at first and oath that he was a bloody murderer and precarious to be with but after weeks go by his actions proved us wrong, he was like every regular teenage boy, that’s when we learned to accept him and hide his true identity from everyone around us.


Me and Louis became nephilims or mostly known for ‘Shadow hunters’ we we’re turned by another shadow hunter I presume, it was the night when me and Louis got drunk a month after the band was split and that was also the night we we’re supposed to depart from our life, death, by being drunk too much that the vehicle Louis’ driving collided with a brick building, although there was a girl I’m guessing 16 or 17 years of age that experience the incident as she covered her gaping mouth with the palms of her hand, as she rushed over to us, supposedly she was a fan of our music and marked our arms with a healing rune. The rune made me and Louis stronger yet we hid from the world until 50 years had passed, we haven’t seen the girl again after the incident, we still haven’t showed gratitude to her for bringing us back to existence, stronger and immortal. And I and Louis have fought with other demons together for more than 200 years now and we have a mission to protect the earth before the Angels of Death came and with that we need the most powerful downworlders as our allies. Me and Louis already gathered half of them and now he’s with the wolf pack, I’m assuming your confuse now that you thought Louis was dead after Holly suck the blood out of him but nephilim blood cannot be reduce except for the human blood running through our veins, meaning Holly only suck Louis’ human blood and is still alive and continuing our mission, requested by the clave.


For Niall and Liam, yes they are still alive because of the eternal rune we marked onto their bodies, we may broke up as a band but nothing can crack our companionship, they gather information and help us through our missions, and they are now currently in panel with the Clave, collecting enough information before the day comes.


“HARRY FOR THE LAST TIME! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!” Holly furiously screeches, both her arms crossed resting on her chest.


“I’m sorry, a lot of things have been overcrowding my mind” I rationalize. Her eyes soften as she released a sigh from her pursed lips.


“Wanna talk about it?” She proposed, her beautiful chocolate eyes narrowing onto my green ones. I shook my head slowly as an answer.


“Oh” She mutters quietly, gazing her attention to the floor. I believe she thought I trusted her now that she thinks I would tell her everything that has been running through my mind lately, seeing as I’ve only been here for a minority of time, I’m still having a conflict with myself to why I don’t feel secure giving her my trust because all through my nephilim life I vow to myself to never trust any downwolders for they are offensive, impolite, bad-mannered, irresponsible, treacherous, crooks, corrupted, cheaters, and egocentric. And that I’m hoping to never give away my trust to creatures who do not even know what the first meaning of it is.


“I think I’m going to get ready now, since we only have a few minutes left to get ready” I tell her, rising up from my position before giving her one last nod and departing from the awkward friction between us.


Holly’s POV


“I think I’m going to get ready now, since we only have a few minutes left to get ready” He stated as he stood onto his feet and giving me one last nod before he ascended upstairs.


I sat there, staring at my frozen, pale palms. The thought of him never trusting me throb my heart, no human would ever give their trust away to creatures that kill individuals like them. I’m so stupid to ever think that maybe he would trust me enough to let me in his life but that never happens, generations by generations, humans may be friends with creatures like us but we’re intelligent enough to never give away their trust completely for they know that anytime they would be killed by us, and I don’t blame them, us creatures occasionally cannot control our appetite and dehydration, the only thing that is keeping us from murdering Harry is Zayn, when he finds out that we suck Harry’s blood and killed him, right on instant he would dig his hand abruptly to where our heart is and take it out and just like that we’re dead.


I shake the prophecy away and followed Harry’s route upstairs. Clearing my mind up as the warm bids of water drop onto my skin, clearing everything that has distressed me the past few days since Harry came, I became more distant to Belle and Zayn, giving every bit of my concentration onto Harry 24/7, I know he’s getting annoyed but what can I say? I need look after him, for the sake of his protection. Seeing that there will never be a chance for him trusting me or anyone of us there’s no point for me shielding him for he knows that he can protect himself without us.


I walk out the shower, my mind cleared and reality striking against my nerves, I’ am back, the Holly that isn’t charming or gentle to humans, just livid and bitter.


I slip into a pair of high waisted red plaid jeans—“was inside” printed white crop top under my black denim jacket and a duo of my black high platform knee-high boots. With my hair elegantly down.


And finally winging out a thick eye liner onto my eyes and a red lipstick against my pressed lips, taking one last skim of myself in the mirror and a smirk finding its way to my lips, I’m all set.


Grabbing my phone on the nightstand, I smoothly walk down the stairs where everyone was now assembling and I’m guessing waiting for me. As I stood next to Belle and avoiding eye contact with Harry who is standing uneasily beside Belle, he’s not important anymore, and soon with everyone here Zayn pulled his silver ring out his finger and placed it in front of us, giving a small bite to his finger he place a right a amount of his blood onto the ring which caused the ring to shine and everything around us altered into a new dimension.


“Welcome to Sole” Zayn say, slightly offering Harry a smile as Harry returned the gesture, just when I thought Zayn hates his guts that’s when he shows the opposite of it.


I rolled my eyes and intentionally bumping my shoulders against his brawny ones, somewhat catching Belle’s and Zayn’s attention while Luke and Celeste we’re now out of our sight.


“This is gonna be fun” I declare, looking behind my back to witness Zayn and Belle’s snickering expressions and Harry’s disbelief face.



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