Still the One

Liam Payne was her best friend when her mom died. then he left for the X-Factor. She hasn't seen him in 3 years. Now he's famous and shes a victom of bullying. what happens after he comes back to Wolverhampton with his band and runs in to her again. find out and read Still the One.


7. Chapter 7

When we all finished eating, we all headed back into the living room and finished the rest of the movies. We watched Liam's movie, then Harry's then we finally figured out that Louis's movie was the new horror movie, Paranormal Activity. I saw this in theater and it was freaky as hell.

"Oh hell no I am not watching this!" I say trying to get up but Louis was sitting next to me and wouldn't let me leave.

"Your not leaving and I will not let you try to sleep or close your eyes." Louis said. 

"Your an ass you know that." I said. "Well can I pee first or do you just want me to sit here and pee myself." I asked him. He rolled his eyes and let me leave. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I didn't have to pee. The last time I saw this movie I was leaving when I suddenly got surrounded by the kids at my school and beat up by them. I was in the hospital for three weeks. I was freaking out. I walked out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed my bottle of meds and took out two and got a glass of water and took them. Liam walked in just as I swallowed them.

"Hey, you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah Li, I'm fine." I said.

"No your not, you took your meds." Liam said. I turned around.

"Who the hell do you think you are questioning me Liam."

"Your best friend."

"Well I haven't had a best friend in years Liam or did to forget that you left and didn't talk to me after you left." I said.

"I still cared Kylie." He said.

"Yeah well I didn't have anyone protecting me then and I don't need anyone protecting me now." I said as I walked past him back into the living room.

"Ok lets start the movie." I said putting on a fake smile and sitting back down next to Louis. Then Liam came in. He didn't even glance at me but I could see the hurt in his eyes. I was tempted to go up to him and hug him but I held myself there and we played the movie.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

"I can not believe you made me watch that!" I yelled at Louis. I shoved him and he laughed.

"You can't blame Loo-bear it was my idea." Harry said. I picked up the closest pillow and threw it at him. The rest of the boys laughed except Liam. I turned to him and he was looking at me but he turned away instantly. He was still hurt about what I said.

"I think I'm going to head up to my room and change. I'm not staying in my clothes from yesterday, today. I'm going to shower to so no one come up there I said specificly to Harry, Because he had a really dirty look on his face. His face dropped when I said that. I got up and ran upstairs.

When I got to my room I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite tank top and a pair of dark wash jeans. I got into the bathroom and started the water. I locked both doors and got undressed. I was about to get in when I realized I was missing my phone. I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. 


Liam's POV

I got up and walked into the kitchen after Kylie went upstairs. I suddenly heard someone walk in, and I turned to see Louie.

"So what's up Liam you don't seem very happy." Lou said.

"It's nothing Lou, just worried about her." I said. 

"Why would you be worried about her she seems happy and amazing." He said.

"Lou if you knew about what she had told me yesterday you would be about ready to kill someone, and we all know that is nothing like you." I said sadly. 

"Why, what happened." He asked. 

"Can I not talk about it." I said. Suddenly the door opened and Kylie walked in.

"Seriously you can tell him and the rest of your band for all I care and you can tell them that I said so they can't use it against me." She said, "Sorry but have either of you seen my- Oh my god Malik you are so going down." She said as she walked out.

"I'll tell you when we deal with this." I said a smile finally making it on my face.

"Give me my phone Malik." She said.

"I don't have it. Why don't you try someone else." Zayn said.

"Give me my fucking phone or I will kick your ass right now Zayn Javaad Malik." She screamed.

"How the hell do you know my full name?" Zayn yelled.

"Do you really think I would just forget the fact that my best friend is part of the band and I wouldn't find out as much as I could about everyone of you?" She said, realizing how that sounded, "That wasn't supposed to sound like I was stalking you. I just meant I googled you guys." She explained.

"No we got it." Harry said. 

"Good, now give me my phone Zayn." She said. He huffed and gave her the phone.

"Oh, your birthday for your password isn't very smart." Zayn said smirking.

"You bastard! how the HELL did you figure out my birthday." She yelled.

"You weren't the only one doing the googling. You are following all of us on twitter and instagram, and you liked all of our pages on facebook." He stated like the smartest person in the world. She punched him in the arm twice. He winced but kept the smirk. She stormed back upstairs and slamed both the doors to her room and the bathroom. I gave Zayn a dirty look. 

"What? Was I the only one who thought that was funny?" He asked.

"Well there is something Kylie wants me to tell you guys and you can't judge her because of it and just try to not make it weird for her because this is something that she isn't happy about and she needs friends now more than ever." I said.

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