Still the One

Liam Payne was her best friend when her mom died. then he left for the X-Factor. She hasn't seen him in 3 years. Now he's famous and shes a victom of bullying. what happens after he comes back to Wolverhampton with his band and runs in to her again. find out and read Still the One.


6. Chapter 6

I was still basically hyperventalating when Liam came back with water.

"Ok I told your dad what happened and he said to just give you these." He handed me a couple of my pills.

"Thanks." I swallowed the pills.

"What are they for?" He asked. The question caused me to almost cough up the pills.

"Um, After you left and became a part of One Direction, the people i though were my friends became popular and i decided not to follow them and they bullied me beyond return and I tried to kill myself. I ended up in the hospital and no one cared so when i got let out I had the meds but I continued trying and continued to fail. After ending up in the hospital the forth time my dad said he would send me to a girls home if it didn't stop. I then started getting better only because I ahd started using and my dad found out and sent me to my aunts for the summer and you know how strict she is. After that I was better and only because I went back you being myself instead of someone i wasn't. I was happy and the school year started and the bullying started again but when the pain was to much I took the pills and it really helped." I sad softly. I heard him frequently swear through out the explination but I ignored it.

"What the hell were you thinking Kylie! Why the hell would you do that! Are you insane!" Liam yelled. 

"What did you expect me to do Liam! I had no one and no one was willing to be friends with the girl Liam Pyne dumped for a band! You try having people make fun of you calling you a slut and saying that the only reason you left was because you slept wth me and hated it! Take the damn car back and leave!" I screamed as I stormed into the house.

"Hun, are you ok?" I heard my dad say as I came in. I nodded and ran upstairs to my room. I fell one my bed and started sobbing.

I don't know how long I was in there crying but my dad came upstairs and said it was dinner time so I figured I had been in there all day. He also said we had company. He wouldn't tell me but I figured it was one of his friends. I changed into a new t-shirt and jeans because I had wiped my makeup off with them while i was crying. I headed down stars and saw that I was so far off from who was over. Instead of it being one of dads friends it was Liam and his band. 

This was going to be a long night.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

After dinner was over I had met all of the boys and found something in everyone of them that I liked. Harry was extremely flirty with me, Zayn was quiet and spoke to me but not to much, Louis kept making jokes while I was eating and did it more often when I asked him to stop, Niall was super obsessed with the food and in the end we had nothing left and Liam didn't talk at all. He laughed at times but through out most of it he kept looking at me with this look I had never seen him have before.

When dinner was over the guys asked me if they could stay over so i asked dad and he said fine. We decided to watch some movies. Liam chose the movie Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp. It was my favorite movie and I have no idea how he knew. WE finished that and Louis asked my dad if I could come with them to the movie store and get some movies and he said it was ok.

We got into a van and Zayn got in the diver seat with Louis in the passenger seat and Liam and I sat in the next row of seats and Niall and Harry sat in the back. We drove about 5 miles to the nearest movie store and we each chose a movie. I chose City of Bones, Liam chose Avatar after everyone refused to let him get Toy Story, Zayn got The Hangover, Niall chose The box even after I refused to watch it, Harry chose The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Louis refused to tell us what he chose. In the end we had six movies and almost got kicked out of the place three times. I have not had so much fun in my life.

When we got back my dad was sleeping and we made four bags of popcorn, one for Liam and I to share, one for Louis and Harry to share and one for Niall and one for Zayn because he refused to share with Niall. We watched Niall's first, then mine, then Zayn's and during his I fell asleep.

I woke up to find that the TV was off and I had fallen asleep on Liam's shoulder. I sat up and looked around. All the guys were sleeping and there was popcorn on the floor. I got up and headed towards the kitchen to get breakfast. I found a note from my dad saying he was at his friends house said he wouldn't be back until tomorrow. I was in there for no more than five minutes before Harry and Niall came in. 

"Good morning boys." I said. Niall groaned and Harry walked up to me.

"What's for breakfast?" He asked still tired.

"Cereal." I said. He gave me a dirty look and started looking in the cupboards.

"Hey what are you doing?" I whined. I tried to pull him away from the cupboard but he is really strong and I failed.

"Looking for something other then cereal to make. Like pancake mix or something." He said pushing me away. I huffed and then Zayn can in with his face in his phone. I walked up to him and took his phone.

"Hey give it back I was talking to my girlfriend." He whined.

"Not until you tell Harry to stop going through my cupboards and to sit down and have cereal with the rest of us." I said.

"With Harry it can never be just cereal or he will punch someone. Now give me my phone back or I will tell Liam you are being mean." Zayn said, but I didn't give the phone back.

"What is he your father or something?" I asked them.

"Yes he is now give it back." I huffed and gave his phone back.

"Give what back?" Liam said drowsly as he walked in. I turned to Zayn and he had a smug look on his face. I gave him a warning look but he turned to Liam and opened his mouth but I covered it with my hand. He in turn licked it and I pulled back. He took that moment to run around the table and smirk at me.

"Kylie-" I cut him off.

"Don't you dare Malik." I stated.

"Kylie took my phone and wouldn't give it back." He said still smirking. I looked at the table to realize he left his phone on the table in his spot were I was standing. He saw it to. I made an evil smirk.

"I swear Kylie-" He warned but I then took the phone and ran from the room and up the stairs into my room. I ran into the bathroom I had in there and locked myself in there and opened his phone. I was suprised to find that he didn't lock his phone. I heard someone finally get up the stairs. I turned the light off in the bathroom just as I heard my door being open. The bathroom had two doors and I didn't think of that before I heard the door open behind me and felt someone grab me from behind. I screamed and tried to get out but I was thrown onto the bed and turned to see Zayn was above me. I started laughing and Liam came in from my room. Liam had a smirk on his face and whispered something to Zayn, which resulted in him smirking as well, and thats when I figured out what Liam said. 

"Oh no you don't Malik." I said as I stopped laughing. i backed up to the headboard and then he jumped on the bed in front of me and started tickling me. Liam knew I hated being tickled which is why I was going to kick he ass but I was to busy laughing my ass of.

"Where is my phone." Zayn said. He stopped for a second.

"I d-don't have it," He reached for me but I continued speaking, "I swear stop I don't have it. I dropped it when you grabbed me." I said still giggling from him tickling. He looked at Liam. Liam had just stopped laughing but he went in the bathroom and came out with the phone.

"See I told you." I said. "Thanks now my sides hurt." I said as Zayn got off the bed.

"Breakfast is ready!" We heard Harry yell. We all run downstairs. I see an open seat next to Louis and sat there and hugged him. He was super confused.

"Louis is my favorite now." I said specifically to Liam and Zayn. Zayn shrugged and Liam flipped me off. I suck my tongue out at him.

"First of all, how old are you two and second what the hell did I miss?" Louis asked. Liam, Zayn and I burst out laughing and then Harry cam out with a plate of like thirty pancakes.

"Holy crap, are we feeding an army?" I asked.

"Yeah, Niall." Harry said, which caused Niall to flip him off.

"Ok, to your first question Louis, we are all five. And second, I took Zayn's phone and he and Liam decided to tackle me and tickle me for the phone back." I said.

"Oh, well who's ass are you going kick first?" He said. 

"See this is why I like you the most. and I figured Zayn because he's the one who tickled me in the first." I said, and Zayn glared at me. I just smirked in return.


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