Still the One

Liam Payne was her best friend when her mom died. then he left for the X-Factor. She hasn't seen him in 3 years. Now he's famous and shes a victom of bullying. what happens after he comes back to Wolverhampton with his band and runs in to her again. find out and read Still the One.


12. Chapter 12

I was sleeping having a peaceful dream about my mom, when Zayn decided to be a jackass and dump a cup of water one me.

"What the fuck Zayn?" I said as I sat up.

"I was trying to get you up it's seven." He responded. I groaned and got out of the bed.

"I hate you Malik." I said.

"Oh trust me I know." He said laughing and I walked to the bathroom to dry out my hair. I realized I had slept in yesterday's cloths and my shirt was soaked. I groaned and walked out of the bathroom and looked for Zayn. Harry was the only one in the room at the time. He turned and looked at my shirt and chuckled.

"Trust me Zayn has done it to everyone at least once." He turned back to his suitcase and grabbed a white t-shirt and threw it at me. "You can borrow that today and by the way we will not be able to go shopping like we said yesterday because our interview got moved to eight so you will have to be at your school a half an hour early."

"That's fine, perfect actually. Don't judge but I was actually kind of terrified to be in public with you guys." I told him.

"Oh trust me if I was in your shoes I would have to." He told me chuckling.

"Thanks for the shirt Harry." I said. He turned back to his stuff and nodded. I walked back into the bathroom and changed. It was just a plain whit t-shirt but it looked nice. I walked out and grabbed my shoes. Then I realized I was missing something.

"Shit." I said. 

"What?" Harry asked me.

"My school bag is at home." I said.

"Shit." He said basically repeating me. "Well lets go the boys aren't ready but we are if we leave now we can stop at your house grab your bag and get back here." He said. I nodded and we let the boys know and left. 

It took us about twenty minutes to get to my house get my stuff and drop me off. Harry decided to drop me off anyways without the boys but it helped. I got out and ran into my school. I looked around and instantly found my best friends. Kyler Johnson and Cooper Collins. I ran behind Cooper who had his back to me and hugged him from behind. He yelled and started laughing.

"Happy Monday Ky." He said.

"Good Morning Ky. You seem more chipper than usual." Kyler told me.

"Well I kind of am. I ran into an old friend this weekend." I responded.

"Look who it is the girl who's slutting up our band." Hayleigh said from behind me.

"Oh speak for yourself." Kyler said.

"Why she was the one hanging around with One Direction this entire weekend." Hayleigh said.

"Yeah but she wouldn't have met them if it weren't for her friend Liam Payne." Cooper responded. "And after school we're going to meet them too." 

"Yeah right I bet she wasn't even planning on asking you guys." Hayleigh said smirking.

"Actually I was but you and your dramatic attitude had to barge in and ruin my thunder. Why do you even care anyways? Why don't you run back to your other bitchy friends and leave me and my loyal and caring friends alone because we don't need you and your drama interfering with our lives." I heard myself say. I just said that out loud too. Bloody hell I was dead.

"Whatev Loser." she huffed and turned and walked away. I turned back to look at the guys with their shocked experetions and smiled.

"So would you like to meet them because it would be awesome if you would and I know they would like you guys." I said to them.

"Can we answer that after you tell us where the hell that comment came from?" Cooper said.

"Ok first of all I have no idea where that came from, and second please." I said. 

"Fine but they get to know about this. And I'm telling them." Kyler said. Then Cooper responded with he would go too but he was telling them about it. Then they started fighting. I laughed said bye and walked to class before the bell rang.

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