Still the One

Liam Payne was her best friend when her mom died. then he left for the X-Factor. She hasn't seen him in 3 years. Now he's famous and shes a victom of bullying. what happens after he comes back to Wolverhampton with his band and runs in to her again. find out and read Still the One.


10. Chapter 10

"It all started the day of my 16th birthday, two weeks after Liam left, I was having a party and everything, and I had invited a few friends from school. When the party started everyone started pouring in. It turns out my few friends had invited a huge crowd more people. This small party turned into a party with drugs and alcohol and everything was turning out worse than I had thought. I was stupid enough to join in."

"The next day I woke up with a really bad hangover and my entire house was destroyed. I found some people passed out in my house and woke then up and pushed them out of my house. I started picking up but I wasn't able to finish because my parents showed up and I was grounded. A few police officers showed up the next day to ask what had happened. I told them everything. About who I had originally invited to how I woke up. I got a ton of people at my school busted and that's when the names started."

"Everyone called me a snitch but the worst names didn't start until my best friend - well so called best friend - found out I was no longer in contact with Liam."

"And just to point out Liam you start hating yourself or blaming yourself I will personally kick your ass."

"But back to the story. After Hayleigh, and you all just met the Hayleigh I'm talking about, told the entire school that people started calling me a slut and said that he had come back the night of my party and slept with me and left after words because he didn't like it. I started hating myself and wondering if any of that actually happened, because for one I didn't remember anything from that night just minor details."

"But later I found out it was actually Jace Lincoln I had slept with that night, but sad to say the only reason I found out was because I was pregnant. I decided I was going to get an abortion." I stopped because I saw Harry was looking at me pissed.

"But I never did. I kept waiting to get an appointment because I was scared. I finally made the appointment only to find out it was too late. I was 4 months pregnant at the time so my only option was adoption. I started the process and I even told Jace. He didn't like that this was true and he beat me up so badly I lost the baby. I was never the same again."

"I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I started hanging out with people who were frequently getting high and drunk. I started changing myself too. I started wearing all black and dark makeup trying to look like a badass. I also started cutting. And not on my wrists I knew there was too much danger of one of my parents finding out. so I cut on my thighs. The first time I was in the hospital was because I had cut too deep one time and almost hit an artery that would have lead me to bleed out."

"A few months later I was out of the hospital. I was at home when I got a call. One of the elevators at my mother's work had broke and fell fifty floors killing everyone inside, including my mother. I had just started getting better too and then I fell into that hole again. I then tried to overdose because I thought it would bring me back to my mother. I was in the hospital numerous times. But the last time I had tried my father told me he was going to send me to my aunt's if I didn't stop. I did but the hospital had finally set me up for a rehab place in Dublin. I spent a year there and I was finally better. By then I was almost eighteen and I got sent home. I got there and everything had changed, the bullying was worse but I was put on anti-depressants and when ever someone bullied me I was to take them and my dad had to be there to watch me. I slowly started getting better and better and I decided to go to see Paranormal Activity in theaters. I loved it and bloody scared for my life but afterwards, which is why Liam you saw me taking the pills this morning, Jace had found me and he was drunk as usual. He started calling me a killer because he thought I had killed the baby. He then beat me and the friends he had with him at the time helped and I was put in the hospital. I told the police what happened and they arrested all of them and they were put in jail for six months. They get out next month and I'm terrified they will come after me again."

"And finishing the story two months later I turned 18 and all the bullying slowly stopped. I found new friends at school and they actually care and it's amazing. Three months later there's very few people still bullying me and Liam comes back and I get to meet my favorite band and you all now know my past. Everything has changed for me so fast in the last three years it's unbelievable." I finished laughing. They chuckled and then started asking questions

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