You And I ~ Harry Styles Love Story


1. You and i.

I had not seen him in three years. I had been away from him for so long. And now the time had come to see him again. I have to meet him over at Wembley. There are sound checks. I'll run over by Gemma. A honk could hear, I took my bag and ran down the stairs. It said Gemma and smiled. She gave me a hug and sat in the car. "He misses you," said Gemma. "He does?" "So much even" said Gemma. "He always talking about you," she said and looked at me. I turn head out the window and a little bite on the lip came.

"we're here," said Gemma. I took a deep breath. And got out of the car. "wow, they really play here it's huge" "I am also proud of my brother," said Gemma. "Come, let us go into" we look over to a big black car. There were fenced with high metal fence. Three men came and told us to just rush us into. Gemma took me by the hand and we walked toward the big door there was a bunch of girls regularly and shouted and screamed. It was crazy. We were in building now. We went down a lot of times and up and down stairs. We walked into the room, and there he stood. A big lump stuck in my stomach. He stood and talked with Louie. As louie looked me in the eyes and said "look who's here" Harry turn around and a big smile came.

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