Maggie's BOYS

"Starting over is easy.....said no one....ever!"

Follow me... as I embark on a new, crazy and utterly insane road to self-discovery as a MENTOR/HANDLER/TBD for the super group One Direction. Be there as I forge relationships with these five young men, learn who I bond with and who I don’t. Heart strings are pulled, buttons are pushed, and lines are crossed. Is this the excitement and adventure that I had in mind or am I on a journey that is destined for disaster.


6. "We don't need a bloody babysitter!"


Paige programmed her GPS for 30 Rockefeller Plaza and we both laughed hysterically when we realized that we were actually less than a mile away.

"I guess I should have done my homework," she says while trying to compose herself. "But in my defense I have only been in the city a week longer than you, and....I had a driver."

"Yeah, yeah go ahead and make your excuses," I snicker as I lightly poke her in her arm. "So...if you have only been here a week, where were you before?"

"We have two main office locations one is located in Los Angeles, where I am based and the other in London, but we have hubs across the US, Europe and Australia."

"Hubs?" I ask.

"Yeah um....portable office's....kind of."

"Sorry, I am just a little confused."

"What it actually means is that we have individuals who are contracted through MMC and their affiliates to handle our clients within their assigned jurisdictions." She tries to explain. "Notably our clients include mostly X Factor contestants along with a few others."

"So what you're saying is...that if one of your clients is in town either performing or even just visiting, your team assigned to that particular area oversees all of their needs through this "portable" office?"

"Yes! Exactly," she proclaims.

"Okay, that makes sense," I say just as I realized that I got another clue of who this band is.

We arrive at our destination just a few minutes later, but because "someone" over estimated our travel time we had about an hour to spare.

Paige easily navigates through the parking lot until she finds an open space. "What do we do now?" I ask as she puts the luxury car in park.

"We wait," she says as she flips down the visor to check her lipstick in the attached mirror.

"Can I turn the radio on?" I ask after a few moments of awkward silence.

"Sure doll, whatever makes you happy."

I swipe my finger across the "ON" icon and immediately hear a somewhat familiar song playing and I can't help but sing along with the chorus.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know, oh, oh, you don't know your beau...t...i...ful."

I bust out giggling as I find myself pointing and singing to Paige and she is staring at me like I just stepped off of the crazy train. Once the song ends the DJ comes over the air and in his ever so prominent "DJ" voice announces, "From 2011 that was "What Makes You Beautiful", by One Direction, and coming up next the latest from Rhianna.”

"Oh okay," I say outloud.

"Okay...what?" Paige asked nervously.

"Oh that song was by that group One Direction, my niece Ashley wants me to take her to their concert sometime next year and I couldn't remember what songs they sang, but I recognized that one," I tell her.

"Oh I see", she says. I couldn't help but notice that she seemed to sigh in what I think was...relief.

"So Paige, if I do get this job, do you think they would give me the time off, so I could take her?" I ask. "Going to concerts is kind of our thing."

"Oh....I don't see that being a problem," she says in an odd voice.

"That's good, I would really hate to disappoint her."

"I totally understand, you got to keep the kiddo's happy."

"Ain't that the truth," I said with a snicker.

After a few minutes of me playing with the radio and her playing with her phone I decided to ask her about something that she had said earlier.

" said earlier that your company's clients are mostly X Factor contestants, so does that mean this band are previous contestants?"

Paige who was obviously caught off guard by my question or should I say discovery, just shook her head and cursed under her breath. " comment," she said smiling at me.

"What?... I'm right aren't I?... I can tell by the look on your face that I have hit on something."

"You know what, Maggie?" she asks.

"What?" I say.

"You ask too many damn questions and you are too damn smart for your own good."

"Am I now?" I say with a grin along with bit of arrogance.

With the puckering of her lips and her other facial expressions I could see that Paige was certainly thinking hard about how she was going to answer me. I could tell that she really wanted to tell me something, but loyalty to her employers was holding her back, and I couldn't help but admire her for that.

"Maggie," she finally says as the hardness of her face softens. I think that you are amazing really I do, and I truly would love to tell you everything, I really, really would, but I am bound by the ultimate fear of losing my job...”

"Oh God, Paige", I interrupt. I could not live with myself if that happened. "I won't ask you anymore questions, I promise, I'll will be a good girl and just enjoy your company."

"You know your fucking crazy, right?" She tells me as she smiles and lightly flicks me on the shoulder. "But a good kind of crazy."

"Yeah...yeah I know," I say, relieved that she doesn't seem mad at me for being so nosy.

We finally are making our way into the studio when Paige hands me a lanyard with a laminated card hanging from it. "Put this around your neck," she tells me. I do as I am told and continue to follow her as she approaches a member of the staff who is guarding the entrance doors. We are allowed entry once we show him our badges, and he tells us to wait on the other side of the door, because someone was coming to escort us into the studio.

After waiting only a few moments, we were greeted by a lovely woman named Jody. We walked with her down the long hallway as she gave us a few simple instructions to follow once we entered the studio.

Once in the actual studio, we could see that the audience was already seated. She then showed us to our seats which were in the front row. There was a "reserved" sign resting on the seats of both chairs, we were obviously in a VIP section.

After Jody left us, I turned to Paige and whispered, "This is so friggen exciting!" She warmly smiled at me while squeezing my hand, I could tell by the gleam in her big brown eyes that she was excited too.

Once everyone was seated, some comedian/producer guy came out to give us the house rules while entertaining us at the same time. No talking during the monologue, no shouting or screaming during the show, don't stick your head into the shot if the camera is on someone else, no heckling blah, blah, blah. Basically just act like you have some common sense. He was very funny. Then the house band "The Roots" came out and started playing a song for us, getting everyone excited for the show.

And then, it started! The opening sequence plays on the screens in front of us, the band starts to play the opening theme, and Jimmy comes out from behind the curtain! He does his usual monologue, making some jokes about the latest news headlines. His best joke was one about Kim and Kanye, he had the whole audience in stitches.

The rest of the show was great! His first guest was musician Jason Mraz, he was promoting his new single off of his soon to be released album, and he performed it amazingly later on in the show.

His next guest was illusionist/magician Criss Angel, I was blown away by his performance.

His final guest was celebrity chef Fabio Viviani, I can remember watching him on Top Chef a few years ago. My God that man with his French accent and gorgeous smile was so sexy. Paige even whispered "Ooh, la, la", and I could tell that she was totally diggin on him too. He then prepared some type of chicken and pasta dish that filled up the whole studio with a glorious garlicy aroma. He was welcome in my anytime.

After leaving the show we cheerfully chatted all the way to the restaurant. Paige seemed to have just as much fun as I did, which kind of surprised me with her mostly cool laid back demeanor, I almost felt as if we were bonding...almost.

Sometimes I feel that Paige is so hard to read, one minute she is so serious and the next minute she is cutting up and seemingly having a good time right along with me.

Now granted I have known her less than a full day, but usually you know right away if you're going to click with someone. However, with her I keep going back and forth, almost to the point of me having to be treated for friggen whiplash. Would it be wrong of me to ask her if she is bi-polar? Yeah...probably so.

We arrived at Carmine's and were promptly seated at our table and I tried desperately not to act to giddy over my surroundings, only because I know that it irritates Paige, but......Oh my God, this place was awesome! The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever seen before. The room was large, open and loud, it reminded me of a very fancy cafeteria.

As we took our seats we were handed menus and a wine list, our hostess then explained that the entrée's were family style and I have course had to ask her what she meant by "family style”. I could see Paige across the table rolling her eyes, but I didn't care. She explained that the portions were much bigger than what you would expect and suggested that we pick one entrée and one appetizer to share. We thanked her for her suggestions, and she advised that our server would be with us soon.

Looking over the menu we both decided that it would be a good idea to share as we watched other dishes being delivered to their tables. "Did you see the size of that plate?" I asked her and she just nodded in shock.

By the time our server made her way to us we were ready to order. We decided on stuffed clams for our appetizer and Veal Marsala over a bed of penne pasta for our entrée. We did not have to wait long at all, Chelsea our server returned quickly with the bottle of chardonnay that we had requested along with our water and a basket of delicious smelling foccacia bread. The night seemed to move rather quickly after that.

Paige seemed relaxed and acted like she was truly enjoying our idle conversation, when all of a sudden a commotion broke out from the other end of the restaurant. We both stretched our necks in the direction of the noise, and I could see that a group of maybe five or six people were being herded to the front door. "How dare you, do you assholes even know who I fucking am!", shouted a petite blue haired girl. "I am Miley fucking Cyrus and you will hear from my lawyer...and...and I will own this piece of shit restaurant when he is done with you." I heard her say as she was forced out the door.

"!", is all that I could say, as I attempt to lift my jaw up off of the table.

"That's some crazy shit right there," Paige said while laughing. "It's about time someone put that spoiled little bitch in her place.”

"You know her?"

"No not really, I have been to a few parties that she was at, and she always acted as if everyone was there to see her and only her, in my opinion she is nothing but a talent-less little brat."

"Ouch, bitter much?" I ask with a big toothy grin.

"Puhleeze, I am not bitter, I have just been around this industry for a little while now and I have met plenty of other young celebrities that do not act the way she does. Now yes there are a few out there that act like they're entitled, but no way like that. But I have also met quite a few that are humble and down to earth and would never think about causing a scene like the one we just witnessed."

"Do you think it will be in the papers?"

"Oh yeah, and on the internet, on the front page of all of the tabloids, on all of the entertainment shows and they will probably even do a skit about it on "Saturday Night Live". I will be extremely interested to see how she gets herself out of this one."

"Me too."

With absolutely no room for dessert, we decide to call it a night. Paige takes care of the check while I quickly finish up what's left of my wine. We hoist ourselves up from the table and I follow her to the exit door.

About 15 minutes later I find myself back in my room for the night and I am beyond happy to be there, but I am also completely and utterly exhausted so I decide to for-go my bath and just go to bed. I tell Siri to wake me at 7:30am because I want to get an early start for tomorrow, I have a feeling that it is going to be a long and crazy day.




After a much needed good night's sleep I am now beginning to feel refreshed and human again.

As I prepare to finally relax in my glorious bathtub on this bright and sunny July morning, I can't help but smile and giggle over last night's fun and outrageous festivities.

If could sum up yesterday in one word, that word would be AMAZING...From my first experience on the plane to being in the audience of The friggen "Tonight Show", it was non-stop excitement. Even dinner at Carmine's was beyond entertaining especially with Miley Cyrus and her entourage getting the boot for being too rowdy. That was just priceless and I'm not going to lie, downright hilarious.

With my eyes closed I use my hot pink painted toes to turn the water off...and as I lay here soaking, my mind begins to race back to yesterday once again. After 30 minutes or so of "me time", I reluctantly leave my glorious bath. Besides if I had stayed in for any longer I would have turned into a wrinkly prune.

I blow-dry my long blond hair straight today, I usually don't fuss this much over my hair, but today is important and dammit I'm worth the extra effort, or so I keep telling myself.

I finish getting ready by applying a minimal amount of make-up, just the standards...blush, mascara and lip gloss. Satisfied with what I see I go into the bedroom to put on my outfit. I chose my cream colored pencil skirt with my beige blouse, my heels and handbag are also beige. I hope I'm not too matchy, matchy but I think I look sue me I like to match. I look one more time in the floor length mirror and I am happy with the woman I see starring back at me. "Very professional", I say outloud.

I go out to the main room of my suite and I see that there is a cart full of pastries, juices and coffee waiting for me. When did this get here I wonder and why didn't I hear the door. "Oh who cares", I say as I pour myself a cup of coffee.



I smile when I see Paige pop around the corner. I was supposed to meet her at 10:45am and it is now exactly 10:45am. She has her faults, but being late isn't one of them, I think to myself.

She approaches me and takes my hands in hers, "Good morning Maggie," she says. "Are you ready?" she asks.

"Good morning to you too Paige, and yes I am ready…I think."

"Don't worry you will be fine, I promise."

"Really you think so?"

"I know so, you are about to meet a great group of people and they are going to love you."

"Oh Paige, thank you so much for saying that, I really needed to hear that," I say as I wrap my arms around her neck.

"Well come on they are waiting for you," she says as she pulls away.

I follow Paige through a set of double doors that are right off of the main hotel lobby. She directs me to help myself to the refreshments that are set up on a side table and when ready to have a seat at the big huge oval table. I thanked her again for everything and then she completely caught me off guard by grabbing and hugging me. "Good luck, and don't take any lip off of the boys," she tells me before she lets me go. "I will see you when you're done."

I tell her "Thank you," as I watch her leave the room. Once the reality hit that this was about to happen my nervousness came back in full force. I grabbed a bottled water off of the table hoping it would help. What I really need is a shot of that would definitely help calm my nerves.

I take a seat at the table and I can't help but notice how pristine everything appears, very clean and very shiny. There was modern artwork on the walls along with a lot of mirrors and when I say a lot, I mean there are more mirrors than artwork. It was very nice though.

My thoughts are interrupted by voices coming from the adjoining room. I can't quite understand what they are saying, but whoever it is they are yelling and getting much, much louder.

"I don't care Nina! I already told you that we don't need a bloody babysitter!" a male voice said. Oh shit! He is talking about me.

"Louis calm down, I have already explained to you that the position in question is that of a mentor, and yes you most certainly do need one, and I am not going to discuss this with you any further." That voice I recognized as Nina's.

"Mentor, babysitter, same fucking thing."

"Chill out man," I heard another male voice say.

"Whatever mate, this whole thing is bullshit and if you think that I am going to go along with it then you're mistaken!"

Oh my God...what have I got myself into? I ask myself while looking around for the quickest exit, Aah damn!, I'm too late as I watch the door slowly open.

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