Maggie's BOYS

"Starting over is easy.....said no one....ever!"

Follow me... as I embark on a new, crazy and utterly insane road to self-discovery as a MENTOR/HANDLER/TBD for the super group One Direction. Be there as I forge relationships with these five young men, learn who I bond with and who I don’t. Heart strings are pulled, buttons are pushed, and lines are crossed. Is this the excitement and adventure that I had in mind or am I on a journey that is destined for disaster.


21. MJ



                          ***ROLE OF MENTOR/HANDLER***

*Take the lead in supporting the “Boys” through ongoing, group and/or one on one relationships*

*Serve as a positive role model and friend*

*Build on relationships by planning and participating in activities together*

*Strive for mutual respect*

*Build self-esteem and motivation while keeping them grounded*

*Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them*

*Have fun together*

Above all else, you must also be a willing and active listener, encouraging and supportive in their endeavors and be patient, flexible, tolerant and respectful of each boys individual differences.


I can do this, I say to myself enthusiastically as I close the white binder. I may not be a licensed Therapist but I sure took enough Psychology classes that I should be. I need to look into that when I get home, if memory serves me right I am only a few credits shy of my Associates Degree in that field. Okay, maybe more like twelve, but still that’s only like four classes and I could probably do them online. It would be kind of nice to have another Associates Degree.

As I slide off the side of this enormous bed I suddenly remember that I have not written in my journal in about three days. I put the binder away and grab MJ that I had hidden in the top dresser drawer. MJ is the name that I gave my journal the day that I got her, which was on my thirteenth birthday, a gift from my sister.

I remember that day so clearly. I casually hung around the gift table as my friends and family arrived for my party and I gleefully watched as the table slowly filled up with loudly dressed presents…all for me. I recall being so excited at the sight of all of those gifts and I am surprised that I just didn’t tear into them. But the one gift that stood out to me the most was this medium sized oddly triangular shaped gift that sat alone on the edge of the table. I eyeballed that box for what seemed like hours trying relentlessly to figure out what it could be inside. Every time I poked or touched the metallic purple wrapping paper or the giant silver bow, my sister Trisha was right there to fuss at me for it…every…single…time. When the time arrived to finally open my birthday gifts I made a beeline for the one that intrigued me the most.

As I tore into the paper I see several multicolored marbled composition notebooks, you know the kind that you can’t just rip the pages out of. She had strategically taped them together to form a triangle, leave it to my sister to be inventive.  Positioned in the opened center of this triangle was a small bucket full of glorious gel pens, and tucked neatly alongside one of the taped notebooks was a thin leather bound type book with a gold buckle. Upon further investigation I realized that it was actually a book cover, a book cover for a notebook, for a notebook that would be my first journal. My new and forever best friend…MJ.





“Uuuugh”…That incessant buzzing is driving me crazy. I grumble loudly as I blindly feel for my phone that has been vibrating on the bedside table for the past hour. Who the hell is texting me this early anyway? I open one eye at a time and I can see that it is still dark outside. Damn, I knew I should have gone to bed instead of writing in MJ and watching YouTube, now I am going to be up for the rest of the day.

I sigh and roll my eyes when I see the time on the phone says 4:14am. Sliding my finger across the display screen I see that these all important texts are from a blocked number. Well this is interesting I think as I sit up in my bed so I can get a better look. I click the actual message expecting to see some kind of spam and my eyes go wide in disbelief as I read its contents.


Go home MAGGY!!!! U are not wanted or needed here!!!!


GO AWAY!!!! Or you will be sorry!!!!


Smile, Im watching u


What? Wow, alrighty then is all I can say as I re-read the messages. My first initial thought was it must be a wrong number, then I remembered that whoever it was knew my name, didn’t know how to spell it, but knew it all the same. So my second thought was Louis. Ugh…Louis. I know he doesn’t like me, but really? He is a grown ass man and this is really juvenile behavior, even for him.

I find the more I think about it the angrier I get, so I decide to go and run myself a hot bath, which always helps when I am stressed…or when I’m not.

After soaking for a good hour or so, I must admit that I feel fully refreshed and now suddenly energized. I decide that I am not going to entertain Louis childish behavior, if he wants to act like a little twit, then let him, he’s only hurting himself in the long run.

I busy myself around my empty suite by cleaning up a bit, I could not believe the amount of mess that those boys accumulated in the short time that I was away yesterday. It almost looks like there was a party in here with all the half eaten bags of chips and empty plastic cups. I guess I am going to have to set up some ground rules when it comes to areas that would be considered to be my personal space.

As I start to pour my second cup of coffee my stomach lets out this God awful grumble. Ooh, I guess I should eat something I say out loud. I root through the cabinets and fridge and all I could really find was an apple, a small bowl of green grapes, left over pizza and some Wheat Thin crackers, which none of it I found even remotely appetizing. I could really go for a sausage biscuit from McDonalds I think as I close the refrigerator door. I am sure it would be all right if I went there on my own, it’s not like I have to ask for permission, even though it almost feels like it, especially under the watchful eye of one Mr. Harold Styles.

I dig out my slip-on sandals from my suitcase and throw on my blue and gold WV State hoodie, which pairs nicely with my “OMG your butt looks awesome skinny jeans”. Satisfied with my roughly put together appearance I grab a bottled water from the fridge along with my purse, phone and sunglasses. I check the coffee pot, turning it off before heading out the door, even though it is supposed to shut off automatically after two hours. I finally make my way out into the long hallway that will eventually lead me out into the streets of good old NYC…alone.

Overwhelmed by all that I see before me I stand in awe outside the hotel looking every bit that of a tourist. I look to my right, then to my left, not really sure on which way to go. I know that McDonalds is only a few blocks away, I’m just not sure of which direction.

I ask the nice doorman for help and he eagerly points me in the right way, he also tells me that I shouldn’t wear my purse hanging from my shoulder, but instead wear it over my head so it will hang across my chest. I should already know this. I immediately do as he suggests and thank him for his kindness as I set off to find the golden arches.

Walking along the crowded sidewalk was definitely a new and fascinating experience for me. I found myself saying quite a few “I’m sorry’s” and “Pardon me’s” as I work my way through the vast array of people. Who would of thought that there would be this many people out and about at seven o’clock on a Saturday morning? Definitely not this girl.

I make it to my destination easily enough and once inside I take my place in the long line that is ahead of me. Although the line was long it seemed to move rather quickly and once it was finally my turn I order myself a large orange juice, a large coffee with two cream and three sugars to drink later and a sausage biscuit. With my tray in hand I take a seat at one of the few available booths, I was actually really pleased to find one by a window. It’s kind of funny because usually I don’t like to sit directly in front of a window, but hell I’m in New York friggen City so why not.

I wolf down my food in like literally three bites, I must have been way hungrier than I thought. I contemplated on whether to order another, but decided against it in the end. I finish my juice as I pick up the newspaper that was left on the table.

As I look over the paper I couldn’t help but overlook the news and current events and notice all of the different advertisements for NYC nightlife instead. I saw several ads for various night clubs that were promoting drink specials, karaoke or both. But the ones that tweaked my interest the most were the ads for the Broadway shows. Grease, Jersey Boys, Wicked, The Lion King, Motown and Matilda were among the few that I saw and I would love, love, love to see any one of them.

I go in search of my phone so I can make a note to remind me to ask someone about getting tickets to a show while I’m here, because Lord knows with everything else that is going on I would most definitely forget.

My phone of course was at the bottom of my purse and that is why I probably didn’t hear it ring, the ringer must have been muffled by all the junk that also resides in my purse. I can see that I have four missed calls, three are from the same number that I do not recognize and the other I think is the hotel number, but I am not sure. Before I could call the numbers back my phone began to ring, I could see that it was from the number that I did not know.

“Hello?” I say after pressing “accept”.

“Where are you?” Demands the obviously aggravated voice on the other end that I am pretty sure belongs to Harry.

“Excuse me?” I respond.

“I said, where are you?” The voice demanded again.

“Who is this?” I growl, even though I am now quite positive that it is Harry.

“This is Harry.”

“Well Harry, would you like to try that again?” I say in the same aggravated tone. “Because I do not really respond well to…Ooh, I don’t know…DEMANDS.”

“Oh…um…Good morning, Maggie?”

“Better…and good morning to you too, Harry.”

“Sooo…um…where are you?” He cautiously asks.

“How do you know that I am anywhere, Harry?” I know he is in my room, I really need to get that extra key back.

“I…uum…er…in your room…and you are not here.” He stammers, obviously trying to choose his words carefully.

“And…why are you in my room?” Oh yeah, I’m gonna make him squirm, I smile to myself.

“I…I knocked, but you didn’t answer, and I got worried that you may have had a reaction or something to your pain pills, so I used your key to let myself in, but you weren’t here.”

“Nice save,” I say with a chuckle.

“Thank you, I thought so.” He marveled. I can feel him smiling all the way through the phone. “So…where are you, love?”

“Well, if you must know, I am at McDonalds.”


“Yes, McDonalds.” I repeat.

“Why are you at McDonalds and how did you get there?”

“A bit nosy aren’t we?”

“Yes, yes I am and I am also jealous.” He confesses. “I want to go to MickyD’s.”

“Good luck with that one superstar.” I say laughing.

“Yeah go ahead rub it in, I deserve it.”

“Yeah you do.” I agree.

“So what did you do…call a taxi?”

“No, I walked.”

“Walked? By yourself?” He cries.

“Uh…yes Harry, all by myself.”

“Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?”

“Please tell me that you are kidding.” I say through gritted teeth.

“No Maggie, I am not kidding, you could have easily got yourself lost or even worse mugged or something.”

“Oh my God Harry, excuse my language but you need to lighten the fuck up. The last time I checked I do believe that I saw a grown ass woman in the mirror, soooo…with that being said I think I can handle walking a couple of blocks by myself.”

“Shit Maggie, I know that.”

“Then why are you acting so…so parental all of a sudden?”

“Hell if I know, I just automatically freaked out a little when you said that you walked alone.”

“A little?”

“Ugh…okay a lot.”

“Listen Harry, I think that it’s kind of sweet that you’re trying to be my protector and all, but you really do need to tone it down a couple of notches.” I tell him. “You almost seem borderline controlling and I will under no circumstances be controlled.”

“I’m sorry, Maggie.” He says softly. “I guess I was just trying to watch over you. For some reason you have me spellbound and my mind goes crazy with worry when I don’t know where you’re at.”

“Okay Harry, you’re forgiven…this time.” I say teasing purposely ignoring the fact that he just admitted that I affect him. “And I will attempt to make more of an effort to let you know when I decide to go off on my own.”

“So when are you coming back?”

“Um…shortly, I want to call my dad first, then I will head back. Would you like me to bring you anything?”

“Ooh yeah, a sausage and egg McGriddle would be amazing.”

“Okay, just one?”

“Um…okay, make it two.”

“You got it!” I say.


Thirty minutes later I walk into my suite and see Harry lounging on the sofa, his feet propped up on the coffee table looking all relaxed and sexy, err, I mean comfortable. He stands when he sees me and smiles this big dimply smile as he makes his way over to me and just when I think that he is going to grab me up into a hug or something, he grabs the McDonalds bag out of my hand.

“Thanks so much love, I am starving.” He says as he takes the food out of the bag on his way back over to the sofa.

“You’re welcome Harry,” I say still kind of shocked and maybe a little disappointed that he chose to grab the food instead of me.

“Oh my God, this taste so good.” He says with his mouth full.

“You’d better slow down before you choke.” I tell him as I sit a bottle of water in front of him.

“Thanks, so did you enjoy your little solo outing?”

“I did, well I did until some goofball called me yelling at me for going off on my own.”

“Hey, I said I was sorry.”

“I know, I’m just giving you a hard time.” I say with a smile and a wink. “Here, look at this.”

“What is this?” He asks between bites.

“It’s a listing of all the Broadway shows.” I point out excitedly.

“Okay? And?”

“I would really like to see one of these shows while I am in New York, do you think that maybe you could pull some strings and get me tickets?”

“Oh, I don’t know Mags, scoring tickets to a Broadway play is no easy task. There is tons of red tape to cut through, and you have to know the right people.”

“Oh.” I say not being able to hide the disappointment on my face.

“Ahh, I’m just kidding, love.” He says looking up at me with a silly smirk on his face. “I will see what I can do.”

“Oh thank you Harry!” I squeal as I jump up from my seat and throw my arms around his neck, momentarily not thinking of the ramifications of my actions.

Once I realized that I was now practically in his lap I quickly move back to the oversized chair trying haphazardly to shrug off the awkwardness that is now between us.

“Do you have a particular show in mind?” Harry asks. Nice save, I think to myself.

“Nope, I’m not picky, I am sure they are all wonderful.”

“Very well, I will work on it for you.”

“Awesome…thanks again, Harry.” I beamed. “So who do I speak to about getting a ride to the grocery store?”

“Why do you need to go the food store?”

“Do you remember that I had made a bet with Liam?”

“Um…yeah I guess, refresh my memory.”

“The bet was if I won the race he would buy me a pair of strappy red heels.”

“But you didn’t win,” he interrupts.

“Uh…hello…I know that, can I finish please?”

“Yes, by all means please finish.”

“Anyway, if he won, then I would make him dinner…and since he did win, due to a technicality I might add, I now owe him a home cooked meal.”

“I really doubt that Liam will hold you to that bet considering the circumstances.”

“Yeah, but I would, if the roles were reversed.”

“Oh really? A little competitive are you?”

“Yes very and a bets a bet, regardless of how it plays out.”

“What are you planning to cook?”

“Well I was thinking about pork chops, mashed potatoes, and fresh asparagus along with blackberry cobbler for dessert.”

“That sounds really good, am I invited?”

“Well that depends, are you going to help make it, because I am going to need some help, especially with this broken wrist.”

“Of course I will help, I will help eat it.”

“No…smartass, I will need help peeling the potatoes and crusting the chops.”

“I know, I was only teasing, so am I invited?”

“Yes, you’re invited.”

“That’s good, make me a list of everything that you need and I will put it in the right hands.”

“Um…okay, so I guess that means that I won’t be going?”

“No, not unless you really want too, we have people for stuff like this.”

“Oh no, I am fine with making a list.” I say smiling brightly, I hate grocery shopping.


Harry hung around for about an hour and patiently waited while I made my store list. He knew that I had to get ready for my “One on One” with Louis and he was probably tired of hearing me bitch and complain about it. Still a little awkwardness lingered, but I could definitely tell that the dynamic of our friendship was changing. The constant flirting and innuendoes seemed almost non-existent now…well almost. I could tell that he was trying hard to keep our banter light. One thing that I learned about Harry is that his charm and chivalry come naturally, so for him to be anything but that would be out of character. I’m just worried that I will be the one who won’t be able to refrain, I have already had a taste and I am truly afraid that I will want more. Damn, who am I kidding…I already do.

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