Maggie's BOYS

"Starting over is easy.....said no one....ever!"

Follow me... as I embark on a new, crazy and utterly insane road to self-discovery as a MENTOR/HANDLER/TBD for the super group One Direction. Be there as I forge relationships with these five young men, learn who I bond with and who I don’t. Heart strings are pulled, buttons are pushed, and lines are crossed. Is this the excitement and adventure that I had in mind or am I on a journey that is destined for disaster.


17. "Do you regret it?'



Still trying to process the events that just occurred I am left reeling in emotions that I fully do not understand. I wipe the tears from my eyes deciding that what I need most right now is to talk to Melissa. I am confident in knowing that her voice of reason will get me over this newly formed hump, which I will refer to as Harry. Of course she will give me a hard time for daydreaming about him (that is if I even tell her…yeah who I am I kidding…I’ll tell her), but mostly I just need her to convince me to stay. With the current condition of my emotional state…I am so beyond ready to just throw my hands up and say “fuck this” and go back to my boring, normal, lonely, drama free life.

I begin to get up from the sofa to search for my phone, when I see the door slowly open. At first glance I am somewhat startled until I see that it is...HIM.

Ah…he has returned to apologize for acting like a complete ass to me. There is something different though, something that I have not seen before, something almost primal.

With fire in his eyes he slowly approaches tossing his bag on the table at the same time keeping me in his direct line of sight. I just stand there…frozen. As he continues to come closer I can feel my heart begin to race rapidly. Our eyes are locked and I feel as if he is peering all the way into the depths of my soul…I suddenly can no longer breathe…and without any warning he takes my face into his hands bringing his lips down, overtaking mine.

His kiss was firm to start, but softened as he silently begged me to let him in. As I do, his hands release my face and find my hips…bringing me closer to him. As our bodies mold together, I can feel this insane heat rise from within me cutting off all of my senses, except for which was him. Our tongues danced rhythmically around each other, causing him to moan lightly against my mouth. Clutching his upper arm I can feel his muscles pulsating beneath my fingers. Oh God, please help me I say to myself as he snakes one arm around my waist tightening his grip on me, with his free hand he finds my braid, casually playing with it. All the while our tongues continue to explore each other, I am so completely lost, that is until I feel him start to harden against me…snapping me back to reality.

“Harry stop.” I say breathlessly pushing him away from me. “What are you doing?” I ask biting down on my now swollen bottom lip.

“I’m apologizing, love,” he says smiling displaying the full power of his dimples. “What are you doing?”

“I am not doing this,” I say backing further away from him.

“What do you mean by this?”

This Harry…this!” I cry maneuvering past him heading toward the kitchen.

“Why the hell not, Maggie?” He demands grabbing me by my good arm pulling me back into his chest.”

“Because it’s not right,” I whisper knowing I am about to be lost in his touch once again.

“It sure feels right.” He says against my mouth.

“Oh Harry, but it’s not.” I whimper pulling away from him for the second time, this time making it all the way to the kitchen. “I was not hired for this.”

“What is this, Maggie?” He asks purposely trying to get to admit to what this is.

“You know damn well what this is, so quit trying to get me to say it!” I say to him as I lean over the counter that safely separates me, from him. “I like you Harry, and yes I am attracted to you, I mean what woman wouldn’t be. But this is not the time or the place, besides we barely know each other…and more importantly it’s unethical.” I watch him, watching me try to explain my reasons and theories and I can tell that he is thoroughly amused by it all. “Do you find what I have to say funny?”

“No…love, I don’t…okay well kind of.” He answered, smiling. “What I mean is, you are standing there trying to come up with all of these reasons why we shouldn’t have done what we both just did, when in fact I know that you enjoyed it just as much as I did…and you definitely weren’t kissing me like you barely knew me.”

“I never said I didn’t enjoy it, Harry. I did enjoy it, probably a little too much. But, it still should not have happened and I am ashamed for allowing myself to be overcome by feelings of lust, especially for someone that I work for or about to work for.” I confess. “I have never in my life made out with a guy that I only knew for a few days and now I feel dirty. I have always considered myself a “good girl” and I took pride in myself knowing that.”

“Really…you feel dirty?” He asks as he rounds the counter. “I am so sorry Maggie, I never meant for you to feel this way.”

“Well I do.” I say pushing past him taking a seat at the dinette table refusing to allow him to corner me again. I have rules and guidelines that I follow when it comes to dating, and you have just made me break every single one of them.”

“Have I now?” He says with a stupid smirk on his face. “I am going to assume that you take no responsibility in the breaking of these “so called” rules?” He states as he paces back and forth, in front of me, behind me and alongside of me, making me more nervous.

“Of course I take responsibility, but you did start this by kissing me first.”

“But you did kiss me back, in case you forgot.” He says finally sitting down across from me.

“Yes I did,” I whisper as I nervously pick at the crazy polish on my fingernails and doing my best to avoid eye contact.

“Maggie,” he says covering my hands with his. “Look at me.” I reluctantly avert my eyes and I can see that he is looking at me very sympathetically. “I am so sorry that I put you in this position. I took advantage of you and I can clearly see that you are not ready for this, for me. I was being selfish, and only thinking of what I wanted.” I start to become less nervous as he continues. “I have wanted to kiss you since that moment that you climbed up in the bed to show me your box of strawberries. You were just so cute sitting on your knees in the middle of that huge bed, and it excited me to see you that enthusiastic over something as simple as strawberries.”

Chocolate covered strawberries.” I interrupted.

“Okay,” he laughs. “Chocolate covered strawberries. But it was at that moment that I wanted you and I am so used to getting what I want, that it never occurred to me that you didn’t feel the same way. So for that I am truly sorry. Don’t get me wrong though…I still want you, but I am a patient man, and I will wait until you are ready.”

“What if I am never ready?” I ask.

“Oh, you will be, I am quite confident about that.” He announces smugly.

“Why is that?”

“Because love, you would not have kissed me the way that you did, if you didn’t already like me just a little.”

“Maybe,” I say blushing. “Well, what do we do now, it’s not like we can just forget?”

“Sure we can, this can be our little secret.”

“Uh, yeah…that’s not going to happen, as soon as I get a free moment I will be calling Melissa…and I will tell her everything.”

“I’m counting on it.” He says laughing. “Maybe she can convince you to give me a chance.”

“Not likely, oh I am sure that she will try, but she has never been able to convince me to do something that I didn’t want to do.”

“But, here’s the thing Maggie, you do want this, you are just afraid.”

“Okay Harry if you say so, can we just move on now?”

“Yes we can, but first I also need to apologize for the way I acted earlier.”

“Oh yeah that,” I say frowning. “What the hell was that all about anyway?”

“Well, when you seemed more concerned about the video where you are begging Louis to stay, instead of the others, it really just pissed me off. As a matter of fact I am still pissed off about it.”

“Why, I don’t understand?” I cry. “Are you that…jealous?”

“No! I don’t know…maybe. It just pisses me off the way he treats you. He has been nothing but rude and disrespectful towards you since you got here. But he is the one you ask about, so I figured you were hot for him or something.”

“Harry, sweetie…I only asked because I was utterly floored by the fact that you said that I was begging him to stay.” I say trying very hard not to fall over in the floor laughing. “I honestly can’t imagine myself begging Louis to do anything, so that, you goofball, was on the forefront of my mind when I asked you about it, not because I’m “hot” for him. I bet you feel stupid now…don’t you?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Good, you deserve to feel that way for acting like a complete ass.”

“In my own defense though, you have not seen the way he watches you, the way I have.”

“You’re delusional Harry, you just think he is watching me.”

“No Maggie, he does watch you…trust me, I know him and I know how he acts when he’s around a woman that he likes, and he definitely likes you.”

“Harry…if he watches me, it is only because he is threatened by me…nothing else.”

“Okay Maggie, you’ll see, I bet he makes a move on you before weeks end.”

“Whatever, Harry.” I say as I get up from the table. “Do you want something to drink?” I ask as I walk past him into the kitchen.

“Yeah, grab me a soda.”

I return to the table with two cans of coke, a container of French onion dip and a bag of chips that I found in the cabinet. The whole time I’m thinking that he won’t attempt to kiss me again, with onion breath.


~~~~Harry’s POV~~~~


God, she is so fucking adorable, she honestly thinks that eating potato crisps with onion dip will keep me from trying to kiss her. That just makes me want to kiss her even more. But I won’t…I will respect her wishes and wait, for now anyway. She’ll come around though, I’m sure of it. That kiss was so intense and so full of passion, there is no way that she isn’t feeling the same way I do.

“Do you double dip?” She asks, breaking into my thoughts.

“Um…yeah, sometimes.” I answer smiling.

“Well don’t, because that’s just gross.”

“Um…okay, Mags, I will do my best to not double dip.”

“You called me Mags.” She says, her eyes lighting up as she smiles.

“Is that okay?” I ask.

“Oh yeah sure, my closest friends and family call me that.”

“Well good, because I want to be your friend.”

“You are my friend Harry.” She says.

“So you forgive me for acting like a complete idiot earlier?”

“Absolutely, but you do need to keep your lips and your flirty comments to yourself.”

“I wasn’t talking about our kiss, I was talking about earlier.”

“I know.” She says as she dips her chip.

“I don’t want you to forgive me for kissing you, because I don’t regret one second of it.”


“Do you regret it?” I ask her.

“The kiss?” She asks with her mouth full of crisps.

“Yes, the kiss.”

“Um…no, not really, but it can’t happen again.” She says casually as she wipes her mouth.

“I told you that I would wait until you were ready, but not a minute more.” I say with authority.

“I find it cute that you are so sure of yourself, but don’t be too disappointed if you’re waiting a long time.”

“Don’t you worry, Mags, I don’t plan on having to wait long at all.”

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