Maggie's BOYS

"Starting over is easy.....said no one....ever!"

Follow me... as I embark on a new, crazy and utterly insane road to self-discovery as a MENTOR/HANDLER/TBD for the super group One Direction. Be there as I forge relationships with these five young men, learn who I bond with and who I don’t. Heart strings are pulled, buttons are pushed, and lines are crossed. Is this the excitement and adventure that I had in mind or am I on a journey that is destined for disaster.


2. "Bon, who?"


I swipe my phone and say "Hello?" I can see that it is Ashley my best friend Melissa's 12 year old daughter.


"Hi Aunt Maggie, it's me Ashley."


"Hi Ash, what's up?" I say this already knowing that she wants something, she always wants something.


"You are never ever going to guess who is coming to Charlotte next year," she said with extreme excitement.


"No clue, who?" I answer smiling.


"Guess," she said.


"Ashley, I am not going to guess, just tell me."


I can already feel myself getting aggravated by her game.


"Please Aunt Maggie, just guess," she pleaded.


"Oh okay," I say as I roll my eyes, "Taylor Swift?"


"Ooh No!"


"Um ok, how about…Justin Beiber?"


"Oh God I wish."


"Okay, I think I got it!" I say with a huge grin on my face, "Bon Jovi!?!"


"Bon, who?" she asked.


"Nevermind.....I give up,” I say after my attempt to be funny failed. “Who is it that has my beautiful niece squealing in delight?"


"ONE DIRECTION!” she cries out. "Oh…Aunt Maggie I am so excited I can't stand it, will you please, please, please take me to see them?"


"Remind me who they are again," I tease. I knew the name but that was about it.


"You're kidding me, right?" she says with obvious frustration in her voice. "They are ONLY the biggest and best boyband ever created. They are even bigger than those Kids on the Block that you told me about, bigger even than the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC."


"Well first of all its New Kids on the Block not the Kids on the Block," I tell her. Trying very hard to act like I care more than I actually do, I went ahead and ask her what they sang.


"They sing “Little Things”, “Kiss You”, “Story of My Life”, “Best Song Ever”, “Midnight......."


I chose that moment to cut her off, otherwise she would have told me every damn song that they ever sang.


"Are they the group that was on the X Factor a bunch of years ago that Simon Cowell made into a band?"


"YES!!!" she squealed.


"Ok then yes, I know who they are."


"Then will you please, please with a cherry on top take me to see them?” Ashley begs.


"Um...we will see, I definitely need more info and I will need to talk to your mom."


"Okay, I'll go get her."


"No wait…not right now I will talk to her later about it, you need to get your butt in bed, you have school tomorrow," I say to her.


"Oh ok, thank you and you are the best aunt ever."


"I know, I know I can't help it, love you now go to bed."


"I love you too," she says before she hangs up.


Plugging my phone up to its charger I tell myself that it is hard work being such a cool aunt, expensive too. I remember when I took Ashley earlier this year to see Hunter Hayes in concert. Talk about a wild time; we had fun though, but it was definitely on this side of crazy.


I make a mental note to call Melissa in the next few days, but right now it is time to get my butt to bed too.

I grab a bottle of water out the fridge and head to my room for some light reading before bed, if you want to call "Fifty Shades of Grey" light reading.


My three day weekend was coming to an end and I was back to my normal mundane routine tomorrow. Ugh, I desperately need some excitement in my life, which I tell myself this about every other day and especially after I have read a few chapters of my "How to Book"...err…I mean my novel.


I decide to put down Christian Grey and trade him in for some “real” actual light reading. I leaf through the travel brochures that I had picked up on Friday and I am excited about the prospect of lying on a tropical beach somewhere with an erotic book in one hand and a fruity cocktail in the other. Now that Noah is away at bootcamp there is nothing stopping me from indulging in a little "me" time, except for the fact that I am boring and I don't take chances...and I know that I will probably never take the time to actually follow through with any of the plans that I theoretically make for myself.


Sometimes I feel like I get nothing done but argue with myself, it's like I have this fun outgoing angel on one shoulder and a lame boring one on the other and it's a constant battle of wills. I have almost come to the conclusion that I am not going to evolve unless something comes along and slaps me in the face.



I slowly wake up to the buzz of my alarm clock, 4:45am comes way too early I say as I throw the sheets off of me. I pull my dark brown hair up into a pony as I head to the bathroom to change and brush my teeth. I grab my ipod and a bottle of water from the fridge and go out the door for my 5 mile run.


I always start my day with a run, whether it is outside or on the treadmill, once done I will either jump on my stationary bike or do some type of cardio. This along with trying to eat healthy is my attempt to stay fit. I am only 5'4" so I definitely can't afford to put on any weight.


I finish up around 6:00am and jump in the shower to wash off the sweat, once finished I spend maybe 10 minutes on my skin and face. Moisturizer, mascara and tinted chapstick, are my three must haves. I use another 10 minutes on blow drying my hair, it is still damp though, it always is, but I pull it up in a bun anyway. I throw on my scrubs that I had laid out earlier, today they are covered in cute kittens and puppies, which is always a hit with the kids.


Once in the kitchen I throw an unfrosted blueberry poptart in the toaster and while it is heating up I get my coffee ready in my travel mug. Most times I drink it black, but sometimes I do like it light and sweet. In the end I will drink it anyway that you give it to me, it is my only drug and I would literally shrivel up and die without it.


As I slip on my sneakers I hear a pop come from the toaster, my breakfast is now ready. I grab my coffee, my food and head for the front door. I stop just long enough to take a drink of my coffee to wash down my vitamins.


As I start the car I adjust the volume and change the station to Z93 talk radio, I am addicted to Clark Howard, I learn so much useful information from him, if he weren't like 60 years old and already married, I would totally want to marry him. No not really.


Once at work I settle in for a long day. I have worked as one of Dr. Turner's pediatric nurses for six years now. He hired me right out of nursing school and he has always been so good to me. But now, along with my co-workers and friends he has also started hounding me about being more spontaneous. I don’t know what they expect me to do, and it is actually starting to piss me off. Everyday someone asks me if I have decided what I am going to now that Noah is gone. I don't know what the hell I am going to do, is what I want to say, but of course I don't.


After yet another uneventful day at work I am now even more determined to make some kind of change and not just my hair color this time.




I browse the web as thoughts of Noah at bootcamp dance around in my head, I sure hope he is doing okay, he's only been gone a week but I miss him like crazy.


I check my Facebook and Twitter accounts but nothing newsworthy there. I sigh as I click on the local jail website to see if anyone I know has been arrested, "Nope not today," I say under my breath, which is usually the case.


"Ok Mags, you need to focus and get back to the task at hand," I say out loud, which was trying to find some type of mini vacation deal. I scan over some typical vacation sites, but I am not sure what I want. Do I want something artsy, where I would visit museums and local landmarks or do I want to be pampered by massages and drink frozen margaritas while I lay poolside. “Oh hell, I want both,” I say out loud as I continue to look, but sadly I keep coming up empty handed.


I am just about to give up when I remembered that someone had told me that you can find just about anything on craigslist.


I was a little leery about being on that site, because I heard that you can find some crazy stuff on there, and isn't there a movie called "The Craigslist Killer?” "Oh shit," I say as I glance over the travel section. I do find a few ads that look promising, but I found myself wanting to go back to the main site to see what else there was.


Now I am a curiosity killed the cat kind of girl and curiosity definitely got the better of me here. While scanning through the many various ads, I saw some that would even make a big burly truck driver blush. I learned so much more than I ever needed to know and I can't help but laugh at my ridiculous naivety. But one thing is certain, if I ever wanted or needed a casual encounter I now knew where to look.


Continuing to look around I stop on the Medical/Health category under "Jobs" and I see that there are hundreds of jobs available in my town and the surrounding areas. Wow, if I ever decide to leave my current job, it's good to know that there are plenty more out there.


One particular ad catches my eye though, I click on the link and to my surprise I am finding myself very interested in what I am reading:




Person NEEDED to be emotionally and physically available to mentor and be supportive in a semi-parental capacity to a five boy ensemble that make up a new and exciting pop band, who will be touring across North America and Canada, Europe, Australia including parts of Asia and South America over the next 18 months.



*Person must be well educated, articulate, tech savvy.

*Must be fun, outgoing and energetic.

*Must be able to travel/re-locate.

*Must sign agreement.

*If you possess these qualities please click on link to apply.


Hmmm, I do find the ad to be a little vague, but interesting enough for me to want to know more, so I go ahead and hit apply.

I click on the link and it takes me to another website. It is basic web page with a light blue background and the letters “MMC, Inc.” in the upper left hand corner. The only thing that you can actually do from this page is create an account, so I go ahead and enter my info and click on the next button. I am then greeted by another light blue page with the same company letters as before, but now it is asking me to answer the following questions like, "What kind of movies do you like?" and "Do you like to play video games?”, if so what is your favorite game to play and why?" Is this for real I ask myself, not only are these questions unconventional but they want answers in the form of a friggen essay. Do I really want to do this?


Now I admit that I am very intrigued, but I am also very cautious, so again I ask myself if I really want to commit the time and effort needed in order to complete this application and after a long pause I unequivocally answer yes, yes I do.


I know that I am not really looking for a new job, but I am looking for a change and maybe, just maybe this is that proverbial slap in the face that I needed.


I spend what seems to be hours on this damn application/questionnaire and I am now spent. I am satisfied that I answered all of the essay type questions honestly, some humorously and some I even answered with smartass undertones. I couldn't help it; some of those questions really deserved a smartass answer.


Now according to this little green bar at the top right hand side of the page I am not even halfway finished. What more could they possibly want to know about me I am asking myself as I click on the next icon. "Describe yourself in a minimum of 1000 words," ugh...I say as I roll my eyes, I'd better get started then.


I spend about an hour on that section and now I am finally filling out the portion that is asking for my credentials and the little bar says 82% complete, wholly crap I am actually almost done I say to myself as I enter my last 2 references. Once finished I spend another 10 minutes electronically signing my life away.


The little bar now says 100% complete and a submit button has now appeared…I click on it with great enthusiasm and say "there you go!" I immediately hear my phone and laptop chime and ping at almost the same time, my two devices were telling me that I have a new email. I open my account and see the email is from MMC, Inc. I opened the mail and it reads:


Thank you for your interest with our organization once we have reviewed your submission we will contact you via email if we feel that you possess the qualities that we are looking for.


I closed my laptop and head for the kitchen for a glass of wine, I just spent the last three hours pouring my heart and soul into what seemed to be the hardest job application that I have ever had the pleasure to fill out, and it has left me completely drained. I decide take my glass of wine and my tired ass to my bedroom, I will watch the shows that I recorded on my DVR tomorrow, right now I am going to jump in the shower then go to bed.


After my shower I climb in to my bed and as I snuggle down into my soft lavender colored Egyptian cotton sheets I can already feel my eyelids getting very heavy. As I start to doze I can't help but wonder if I was doing the right thing, I mean what if I did get hired, would I be willing to walk away from a job that I have had for over six years to basically babysit five young and probably hormonal boys, while travelling all across the country? I very quickly answer myself with a "Hell yes!"


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