Pained Flowers

This is a poem from my growing book of poems called, "The Loss of Another Flower". Please check it out. Anyway, this poem is mostly about one of my love failures. I'm sure we've all experienced it. So please enjoy, and leave feedback. Thanks!


1. Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers


I know what you want to hear,

“Roses are red”

“Violets are blue”

But stop there.

Do you want to know why,

Why those roses aren’t red,

And why those violets aren’t really blue?

It’s because of you.


I’ve slit my wrists so many times,

So many times that the blood from it

Has painted the flowers red,

The flowers that you loved so much.


Your love for those flowers is my pain,

Pain from how much I loved you

When you never really loved me.


So no,

Never again do I want to hear that poem

Nor hear you say you love me.

Because just like the colors of those flowers,

Your love

Only exists because of

My blood.

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