Daddy's Little Girl

"Say cheese!" . "Cheese!!" She says. We all smile...our family portrait....a perfect family day.....BOOM!!!��


2. Seeing....Her

It had been a few months I think about 6 or 7 we just went in for another ultra sound. It was prefect. And yes I said it because we decided to wait till I have the baby to find out what gender. We've already picked out three girl names and three boy names. Boy: Max,Jake, or Gabriel. Girl:Layla,Marley, Or Genevieve. Gonna lily the day came. I was nine months in and my water broke. I had some issues pushing so they had to do a se section. I passed out after hey took the baby out. Harry was so worried. At least that's what I've been told. When I woke up, I saw her... She was mine and she was prefect. We have not yet named her so I asked Harry. "What should we call her?" . "Angel. I mean I know it wasn't on the list and all but i re-" I cut him off. "Angel is perfect Harry. How about, Angel Rebeca Styles." . "I love it." . I watched him hold her like he was in heaven. He looked at her like she was a little bundle of miracle wrapped up in cloth....that's exactly what she was to. He looked at her for a while and that's when he looked up at me and looked deep into my eyes and in his mind he was saying, "Thank you lord and thank you Ashlyn, for making my life be a whole lot better." . That's when his eyes am started to tear up with joy. He came over and gave me a huge hug and then kissed my forehead then angel's. "I love you both very very much." He said in his sweet hypnotizing British accent. "I love you to. To the moon and back." ......

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