Love you, I know Harry Styles Fanfiction

She was a typical girl, but he wasn't the typical guy. When a school football player rapes a simple girl, what happens when she announces to the world she's pregnant?

One Direction is not famous. The boys don't know each other.


2. Don't try.

I haven't been out of my house in 3 months and the only communication outside of my family were the police and my best friend Lacey. She's been begging me to go out and have fun. The only problem is that I'm going to be called a slut.

School starts in a couple days and I really don't want to go. Can you imagine being a freshman and pregnant?

*Two Days Later*

"Dani you have to get up for school." My mom pleaded. "I'm not going! I'm going to be called a whore and a slut. What if he's there and tries to harm me and the baby? He doesn't know I'm pregnant yet!" I quickly shot back. "Please just go today. I promise he won't hurt you and the other kids have heard about your problem and will be polite." She quickly responded. "Fine just today but if something happens, then your homeschooling me until college." I answered while getting out of bed. "Haha sure." She said then walked out of the room leaving me to get dressed.

*Walking into School*

I walked into school and found the biggest surprise ever.

*Authors Note*

Hey guys so I released a new chapter early I have plans this Friday and won't be able to update then

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