Love you, I know Harry Styles Fanfiction

She was a typical girl, but he wasn't the typical guy. When a school football player rapes a simple girl, what happens when she announces to the world she's pregnant?

One Direction is not famous. The boys don't know each other.


3. A Sweet Surprise

When I walked into school I was greeted by the whole student body and my best friend Lacey. There was a banner saying : Were sorry this happened please stay we will support you!

The rest of the day went by better than what I would have expected. I always had a cop with me. It was decided for him to be with me if the Devil did try to approach me. The students never said anything bad about except for the Devils friends, Niall Hoarn, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik. There was one more Liam Payne, but he left the Devil after he found out he drugged and rapped me. Now he said he didn't want to leave me alone and that he was sorry for what happened to me. I explained to him that it wasn't his fault, it was Harry's fault.

After school I called my mom to see if it was okay for me to go to the Dairy Haven for ice cream with Lacey, Liam and his cousin Lilac. She said ok but to let Bryan know so he can come with us. I paged him and he said he would follow the car. We all piled into Liam's car (he's the only one who can drive since he's two years older than all of us.)

When we got there I froze and paged the officer because someone was coming closer to car.

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Guess who came up to the car and why is Liam being protective?

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