Five Boys, Plus One (Short Story)

When the Horan's parents pass in a car accident, his little sister, Cassidy Anna Horan, has no choice but to stay with her brother and his friends. What will happen? Get ready to experience love, hate, craziness, and LOTS of drama.


3. Three

"WHAT'S UP BITCHESSS??" I yell, walking into the 5sos home. "Cassie!" I'm attacked with hugs, and Luke drapes his arm around me. "Hands off, she's MY date!" He wags his finger at them. "Oh, so this is a date?" I tease. "Ooohh! She didn't knowww!" Michael yells. I laugh as Luke starts to blush. "Aww, he's blushing!" Ash pinches his cheeks. "No?" He sort of questions. 

"Someone get a picture of this!" Calum laughs. "On it!" I snap a picture and kiss his cheek. "Alright, loser. What're we doin?" I ask. "Well, the fair is in town, and I WILL win you a giraffe." He smirks. "Whatever you sayy.." I make an 'eurghh' face, and twirl my hair. facing the other freaks. 

"What? Don't think I will?" He asks. "No, don't think you can." I smirk, and run around, hopping over the couch, running around their house, Luke trying to tickle me. I eventually just jump into Ashton's arms, and he carries me to a room. We all lock Luke out, and I'm literally rolling on the ground laughing. This'll be quite a night.


"Where've you been?" Harry asks as I walk in. "I went to the fair with the 5sos boys. Why?" I ask, biting my lip for not telling the whole truth. That it was sort of a date with Luke. I don't know why, it just seems like I shouldn't tell him. He grabs my arm, pulling me to his room. "Why are you lying to me?" His green eyes contain.. sadness, and a flash of.. Is he angry? "Why do you even care?" I ask, exasperated. "Because... I.... li-" Niall walks in. "What the bloody hell is going on here?" He asks.

"You tell me." I respond. I'm pissed off now. I storm out, bumping into Lou on the way out. "What's going on?" He pulls me gently to the side. "Harry's acting all weird. I don't really know why." I respond. "Oh god.. Come on, we need to talk." He throws me over his shoulder, and runs to his room. He shuts the door. I'm laying on my back, throwing a baseball into the air and catching it. He's on the bed, I'm on the floor. "Cassidy, Haz likes you." 

I catch the ball and flip over to my stomach, facing Lou. "No, he doesn't!" I sigh. "Little Horan, you are as blind as a bat." Louis tells me. "No! Okay? Harry. Does. Not. Like. Me." I repeat. "At least, not like that! He's four years older than me, there's no way he'd like me back, not in a million years." I say, walking out of Lou's room. I clamp a hand over my mouth, realizing I had accidentally let the word 'back', slip, admitting that I like Harry.

I jog to my room quickly, someone entering minutes later. I pretend to be asleep. "Don't worry babe, only me." Perrie says. I sigh with relief, sitting up. "What on Earth did I do?" I sigh, running a hand through my long blonde hair. "Cassidy, it will all work out, okay? I never thought that my celebrity crush and I would be going out, but look at me and Zayn." She winks, exiting my room.

I groan and flop backwards, clamping a pillow over my head. "AHHHH!" I scream and kick my legs, then stop to take a breather. "Cassy, the boys and I are going out! Come on!" Ni yells up. "I'm actually not feeling that great." I respond. "Alright! Be back around midnight!" He yells up. It's only eight now. I hear the door close, and I blast my music through my headphones, walking downstairs. "Feeling better?" I turn around, to see the one and only, Harry Styles.

I switch off my music. "Why aren't you with them?" I ask. "There's something I need to do." He smirks, his dimple popping out to me. "And that is?" I question. "This." His lips crash boldly with mine, and we're soon in his room. He starts kissing down my neck, undressing me as we go. Niall will kill us, but it's so worth it.


I lay beside him, bare. "Oh my god. You're amazing." Harry pants. I check the time. "Haz, they'll be here in ten minutes!" I jump out of the bed, throwing my clothes on quickly, and helping him change the sheets. The car pulls in, and I have major bedhead, runny makeup, and Harry and i look completely obvious. They'll know. "We'll pretend to be asleep. Run!" He whispers, and we both run to our rooms. Oh god. I just banged my brother's bandmate.

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