Five Boys, Plus One (Short Story)

When the Horan's parents pass in a car accident, his little sister, Cassidy Anna Horan, has no choice but to stay with her brother and his friends. What will happen? Get ready to experience love, hate, craziness, and LOTS of drama.


6. Six

I am a mess now, and Zayn lets Niall in. "What the bloody hell happened?" He exclaims. Louis tells him, and I just can't believe it. "He won't let me get an abortion, and he expects me to get through this alone?" I croak. "Nialler, what do I do?" I sob out. Soon, the door opens again, and in walks my other boys.

"We heard." They all hug me, and sit around me, trying to comfort me. I can't believe Harry is doing this to me.


Five Months Later

"OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY DOES THIS HURT SO MUCH?" I practically shout. Harry is not  here, he's with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. I can't believe that he's missing his children's' birth. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" It hurts so damn much.


Two Years Later

I've moved away. I have a new home, in the beautiful state of North Carolina. "Darcy! Matt! Where are you two?" I laugh, walking around the house. Darcy jumps out, her curls bobbing as she runs towards me. Her bleach blonde curls are growing out. Her pale blue eyes match mine and Niall's, and her pale skin is just like mine. Matt jumps out, running too. His hair is also blonde, his skin matching my pale tone, but his eyes look more like Harry's. 

They're first word was mama, apposed to most being 'dada'. Anyway, I catch my kids in my arms, lifting them up, and spinning around. Harry hasn't been in their lives as he promised. The most he does is send cash every month and pay my bills. It's pathetic, he thinks money can solve everything. 

The doorbell rings, and I answer it, revealing my blonde brother. "Ni Ni!" They yell, leaning towards him. He takes the twins and the rest of the boys come in. "Hey!" I hug them all, and my smile falters for a mere second, seeing as Harry isn't here. "Darcy! Matty! Come here!" They jump off of the couch, and run to me, hiding behind each of my legs. I point to the boys and state their names. "Louis, Zayn, Liam." I smile. Darcy points at Louis. "Ooie?" She tries to say.

I laugh and nod. "Yes, baby." Matt repeats her. He then points to Zayn. "Zay" He attempts. I nod again. "Li Li." He points to Liam, and Darcy repeats. The boys look so happy, and I wish I had my phone to snap a picture.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask, surprised. "We wanted to see our niece and nephew!" Louis exclaims. "They're almost two." I grin, proud. "I can't believe we haven't been to visit.. It's been way too long.." Louis says. "It's fine." I smile. "At least you're here at all."

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