Five Boys, Plus One (Short Story)

When the Horan's parents pass in a car accident, his little sister, Cassidy Anna Horan, has no choice but to stay with her brother and his friends. What will happen? Get ready to experience love, hate, craziness, and LOTS of drama.


7. Seven

"So Harry's still in LA?" I question, fiddling with the coffee cup in my hands. "Yes.." Zayn's voice trails off, and I sigh.

"Whatever," I weakly smile, "it's not like I expected him to help us anyway." I laugh sarcastically. "Mama!" Darcy hops in my lap, and I wrap my arms around her. "Hi, baby."

"Hungy." She tries to say 'hungry,' and I smile. "Alright baby, let's go get somethin to eat." I pick her up, and carry her to the kitchen.

Her accent is Irish, like her brother's. They've grown up around me, so it's my accent they've acquired. "Mac 'n cheese?" I ask. She nods vigorously, and I laugh. "Matty baby, are you hungry, yes or no?" I shout.

"Yes!" He shouts, and I let Darcy sit on the counter while I stir the Mac 'n cheese. When it's done, I separate it into their little plastic bowls, then put the bowls in the fridge real quick.

After a minute, I take it out, and it's the perfect temperature. I get spoons, and hand the bowls to the kids. "Go eat!" They laugh and take it to the kiddie table Niall made for them, as a Christmas present.

"I'll be right back, I need to check the mail!" I start to open the front door, but Louis jumps up and stops me. "No way! I'll get it." He grins cheekily, planting a kiss on my cheek as he walks out.

I get a text, and it's from Harry.

Cassie, I love you. I love the kids, although I've never met them. Please tell them about me. I'll never be able to meet them. Tell the boys I love them too. I know that suicide, I would never have considered before, but I have to now. I'm terrible. Once again, I love you all.

No. I dial his number shakily, and he declines. I call again and again, tears racing down my face. "Niall, pack the kid's and my bags. Get the private jet to pick us up, now. Hurry!" I command, and the boys scatter, doing as I say.

"Hello?" A cracked voice answers. "Please, Harry, no. I'm coming. When I get there, you will be perfectly alive, you hear me?" I sob, comforting myself more than him. "Promise me!"

"B-but.. I can't.. I'm going to the store. I need more pills.." He admits, and I'm crying uncontrollably. "It's here, let's go." Liam says firmly, and we board the jet.

*Skips Ride*

"We need to hurry!" I take the kids, and we run into Harry's house. "Wait, please, someone wait here with the kids." I plead. "I will." Thomas smiles, beckoning the kids to him.

I nod reassuringly. "That's Tom. Stay with him, okay." I kiss their foreheads, and Matt immediately holds out his hand for Darcy to take. They walk, hand-in-hand, to Tom, and I mouth a thank you.

I bolt into Harry's home, tears slipping down my face. "Harry! HARRY!" I scream, as I walk into the bathroom, to find a passed out Harry.

"SOMEONE CALL 911!" I yell, and the boys immediately run to me. I filled them in on the jet ride, and we're all in action mode.

Zayn is dialing, Louis and Liam are pacing, and Niall is sitting, his head in his hands. I'm holding Harry in my arms, sobbing. "Cass?" Harry whispers.

"I'm here, Harry, I'm here." I promise him. "I love you.." He whispers. "No, no. Stay awake. Please. For me!" The ambulance arrives, and they lift Harry onto the stretcher, then wheel him away.

"No! Please. I have to-" I start. "Ma'am, you can ride with him. Please, stay calm." I start to hyperventilate, and the boys load into the car with Thomas.

I hop in the ambulance, holding Harry's limp hand. Please, Harry.. He can't give up yet.

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