Five Boys, Plus One (Short Story)

When the Horan's parents pass in a car accident, his little sister, Cassidy Anna Horan, has no choice but to stay with her brother and his friends. What will happen? Get ready to experience love, hate, craziness, and LOTS of drama.


1. One

I heard a knock at the door. That's a little odd. No one was supposed to come over, and Mom and Dad wouldn't knock. I mean, come on, they live here. I grabbed a knife and looked out of the peephole. The cops. Uh oh. Is Niall okay? He's been on tour for a month now. I put down the knife and opened the door.

"Hello ma'am, I'm Officer Johnson. I regret to inform you that Mr. and Mrs. Horan have passed. There was a drunk driver on the highway, and he crashed into your parents. Since you are only sixteen, you are to move in with your remaining of kin. We have looked through your files and it seems that you are to move in with your brother Niall Horan. We have purchased you a plane ticket. You leave tomorrow." I was crying. He took off in his patrol car.

I didn't know what to do. My brother is on tour. What am I supposed to do, travel with him? I guess so. I called him and he picked up on the second ring. "Niall." I was sobbing. "Cassie, what's wrong? Deep breaths." He started to sing to me which calmed me down a bit. Well, enough that I could speak. "Mum and-d D-d-d-dad. They were in a c-crash. They're d-d-dead." I said. I slid down the wall. "I-I'm s-supposed to meet you guys in LA to-tomorrow." I said.

He said okay and the line went dead. I screamed. I let it out. I punched my wall. "WHY DID IT HAPPEN TO ME? EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO CASSIDY FUCKING HORAN!" I yelled. I packed my bags and cried myself to sleep. When I got up, I simply threw on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black sweatshirt. I braided my long blonde hair, and put on just a little eyeliner and mascara. I double checked to make sure I had everything I needed for now, since everything else should be shipped next week by our neighbors. I grabbed the teddy that Niall won me around Christmas and set off.

When I got to the airport, I was seated first class in a private plane, only for celebrities. I took a seat and got out my blanket and a teddy bear that Niall won me at the fair when I was four. It's a little worn, yeah, but I love it. I decided to text Niall to tell him I was leaving.

C- taking off in 5

N- ok. Love you sis

C- love you too big bro. XO

"Well, what's a pretty girl like you doing alone?" Asked a voice from my right. "Going to travel with my brother. Who wants to know?" I asked. I looked next to me to see a head of brown curls and beautiful green eyes. "Harry. Harry Styles." He said. "Cassidy Horan." I stated then turned my head towards the window. "Wait. Horan? No. You're Niall's sister?" He asked. "Yeah. Do you know my brother?" I asked. "I'm one of his band mates." He said. Oh great. I've gotta deal with him throughout the tour. I'm not very eager to be here. I just want Mum to stroke my hair, and Dad to tell me everything's okay.

I just nodded and plugged in my music. I listened to my brother sing through my phone. I can't wait for him to hug me in his arms. He'll tell me everything is okay. He makes everything okay. I slowly drifted off, humming along to Little Things. A few hours later, I woke up being poked by Harry. "We're here, love." He said. I mumbled a thanks and grabbed my carry on.

Harry and I walked to the baggage claim. I put on a black beanie and sunglasses , and he did the same. We grabbed our bags and walked outside. I texted Niall to tell him I was here.

C- I'm waiting outside

N- there's a limo for you and my mate, Harry

C- ok. I met him on the flight

N- alright, good

C- see you soon

N- you too

I stood there like an idiot, looking around for that Harry guy. Someone tapped my shoulder and I jumped. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Niall told me you're coming with me. The limo is this way." Harry smiled and led me to the limo. There was an older man waiting there. "Hello dear, you must be Cassidy. I'm Thomas, but you can call me Tom. I smiled and extended my hand. He looked surprised, but shook it. "The boys aren't this polite. I like this young lady." He said to Harry and me. I laughed and loaded my bags. "Dear, I can get that." He said. "It's fine sir, you're already driving. The least I can do is get my bags." He smiled and got in the driver seat. Harry and I got into the back.

Within twenty minutes, we arrived at their house. It was huge! My house was waayyyy smaller! Well.. My old house. We pulled in and I went to get my bags. Thomas, sorry, Tom, already had Harry's bags, and was trying to get mine. I beat him to it. "Please sweetie, let me get your bags. It's my job, you know." He said. "It's fine, really. Unlike the boys, I've actually got a little muscle." We laughed. "Hey! I've got muscle!" Yelled a familiar voice. I turned around. "NIALLER!" I yelled. I ran and jumped into his arms. He lifted me up and spun me around. That's when it hit me. I'm here because Mom and Dad aren't. I started crying. Niall rubbed my back. "Shh.. We'll be okay. It's okay.." He calmed me down in less than ten seconds.

I picked up my bags and walked inside. Niall picked me up and I accidentally dropped my bags. The Liam boy picked them up and ran upstairs, with Niall and me right behind, and the rest of the boys behind us. I couldn't stop laughing. "Where are you taking me!?" I yelled. We stopped inside a room and Niall put me down. I looked around. It was painted black, and all of the furniture was neon. It was twice the size of my last room. I looked around, mouth wide open. My name was painted on the wall in neon colors. I turned around. "Is this.. Is this really all for me?" I asked, shocked. The boys laughed. "No, your name is painted up there for no reason. " Niall said sarcastically. I tackled him into another hug. "Thank you." I said. "Don't just thank me, the boys helped me too." He smiled. I tackled the other boys in hugs too. They all laughed.

We all sat in my room. We all sat around the room, in either neon beanbag chairs, or on my bed. We talked and I got to know the boys a little more. They were all really sweet and funny. I honestly felt at home, which is good, because this is my new home. I really do like it here.

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