Five Boys, Plus One (Short Story)

When the Horan's parents pass in a car accident, his little sister, Cassidy Anna Horan, has no choice but to stay with her brother and his friends. What will happen? Get ready to experience love, hate, craziness, and LOTS of drama.


5. Five

We've just got home, and I can't hear anyone. Their screams are all mixed together, and I'm tired of this. "SHUT UP!" I yell. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" I kick the couch, and pull at my hair. I can't take this anymore. "JUST STOP!" They've quieted down now, and I decide to announce my news. "I am clearly ruining this household, so I am moving out. I've contacted a friend, and she is okay with this. I'll be out by tomorrow."

"Who are you staying with?" Zayn asks. "Your girlfriend and her roommates, just for a week, then I'm renting a little art studio home I found." I answer. I leave to go pack my stuff.


Little Mix House

"Hey babe! I'm so sorry about the whole situation." Pez hugs me. "Yeah, me too." I say solemnly. She doesn't know the whole of it.  "Jade is the only other girl here, Leigh-Anne and Jesy are visiting their families." Perrie tells me. "Okay, thanks again for letting me stay." I weakly smile. "No problem" Jade answers, walking in.

"Jade!" I grin widely and hug her. She squeezes tight. "Jade, Jade, Jade. No." I pull back. "I have news." I whisper. "What's wrong?" Perrie asks, concerned. "I'm.. Pregnant. Twins." I tell her. They stare like I'm crazy. Probably because I am.


One Week Later

I've settled in to my new apartment, not one call from Harry in the past week. Wow. Fuck him too, then. Oh wait, I already have. Just then, my phone rings, and I answer Louis. "Hello?" I ask. "Hey darlin, we're on the way over, minus Nialler." Louis says. "Alright." I hang up, and go back to unpacking.

Twenty minutes later, my door unlocks, and in walks Liam with the spare key. The boys follow, Harry last. I avoid his gaze and greet the rest of the boys. "Hello! Welcome to my new home." I sigh and hug them, still not speaking to Harry. I continue to unpack, and the boys help me, Zayn making me sit.

"You shouldn't be up and about, you're pregnant dear." He scolds. "Guys, I'll be fine! You do realize I'm living on my own, right?" I ask. "That's why we're moving in!" Louis cheers. "Who's we?" I ask. "Me and Haz!" He exclaims. I roll my eyes. Great.

"I honestly don't believe Harry even wants to be here, and I'm not making him." I state. "Why don't you think he wants to be?" Liam asks. "I am now four months pregnant, and he hasn't called or texted once since I've moved out!" I exclaim. "Harry! Why haven't you contacted your baby mama?" Louis exclaims. "I've been thinking about what I'd like to be with her!" He shouts.

"Well, decide quicker!" Zayn shouts. Wow, he's usually not a yeller. "I DON'T WANT TO BE MORE THAN FRIENDS! OKAY! I LIED AT THE DOCTORS!" He screams, then walks out, slamming the door behind him. It's a bit awkward now, and I decide to break the silence. "I think you all should leave." I whisper. "I'm staying with Louis." Zayn says. "Okay. Liam, please take Harry home." I say.

He nods and leaves as I receive a call from Niall. "Hello?" I croak, barely audible. "Hey Cassidy, can I come over?" He asks. "Please." I answer. I need my big brother. I miss my mum. She'd help me..

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