Over Again

Lacey Mae might get another chance at true love after her abusive relationship ended. Or will she not have that same chance again.


1. Someone Help Me

Lacey's POV.

"Someone please help me!".

"Miss we will do what we can. Do you also need an ambulance?"

"Yes. Please hurry."

"They are on their way now."

I hung up the phone before Carter could see me. He came home drunk again. I don't know what I have done to deserve such a beating. Carter turned to me and charged at me tackling me to the floor. He raised his hand to hit me but as soon as he did the police came in. Carter was pulled off of me and was arrested. The ambulance came but before I was in there I was already passed out.

We got to the hospital where the doctors took me into surgery. My mom and dad were called to know that I was in the hospital. They got here within minutes and were in the waiting room the whole time. About two hours later I came out of surgery and was put into a room. My mom and dad came in as soon as they got the news that I was in recovery.

"Honey are you okay?" My mom asked.

"Yeah I'll be okay." 

I looked over at my dad and seen tears running down his face. I motioned him to come near me. I pulled him into a hug. 

"Dad I'll be okay." 

"I know sweetheart." He said.

After about an hour, they decided to go to let me rest a bit. After they left I was thinking about something. I was thinking about moving out of London and to go to the states. Carter can't find out. Knowing him, he would be out of jail in about a month maybe. I need to go right after I'm out of here. I need to be away from Carter.



*Hey everyone. This is my new book hope everyone likes it! :)*

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