luna is your typical 17 year old girl,
Fun loving, hard working, and of course into music and social media..
Except Luna has terminal cancer.
As her wish, she gets to meet and spend a day with the boys of 5 seconds of summer- her idols.
With her days numbered, she plans on making every moment count before she says goodbye for good


(c) lorena pavon July 2014


9. chapter 8

The next day, Ariana, Bry and I sat on my stairs waiting for the boys. I felt bad for missing my appointment, I knew it was important. But at the same time, if it was so important, why did they keep the MRI scans away from me and my family. Last time I checked, when cancer starts spreading it is pretty vital to tell the patient the second it is noticed. The doorbell rang and snapped me out of my trance, pushing the cancer to the back of my mind. Nothing would ruin this day for any of us.

Before we got in the car, I pulled my sister aside. "Remember, not a word. I want to wait." Ari nodded her head, acknowledging that she understood what I was asking of her. We all piled in to the car and I fought the urge to fall asleep and stay awake.

"So, where are we going to go?"

"Ever been to Hollywood?" Living in Los Angeles, it would seem that Hollywood would be my playground. At least if I never got sick it would be, I mean.

"Um, not since I got sick, no. Last time had to have been my 16th birthday."

"So there you have it. That's where we're going." The rest of the car ride I remained silent. As much as I didn't want anyone to know, I didn't want to carry around a giant weight even more. Still, I pushed it to the back of my mind and put all my energy and focus onto my friends and the boys. When we got to Hollywood, Ashton parked the car and we all piled out.

"So, how's everything?" Calum and I fell behind the group, walking at a slower pace then everyone else.

"You know how you said you wanted to hang out, just you and me tomorrow?"

"You're not bailing on me are you? It's our third date!"

"Third? We haven't even had our second..." Calum just stared at me until I made the connection. Even though we were in a group, this was still technically our second date. "Right, well no not bailing. Not exactly..."


"Never mind. Let's just catch up with the others. Today should be about all of us together, not tomorrow." I knew I was probably being shady, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to tell Calum, but at the same time I didn't want him to know that my short life would be even shorter thanks to the cancer spreading. I squeezed his hand and we caught up with the others.

Even though Disney was amazing, this was my wish all along. It was just spending a day with my sister, best friend, and four favorite boys. Every one just went above and beyond for Disney. Aside from my medicine breaks and constantly having to take a seat and regain energy, I felt like a normal kid. We climbed to the Hollywood sign just as the sun was about to set, well everyone else climbed, I hitched a ride on Calum's back. Out of breath, Calum and I plopped down on the ground watching the sun.

"Listen there's something I haven't been telling you."

"You don't like me back, do you."

"What? No. Quite the contrary actually. Ever since Disney, I've felt like I've been getting to know you as a person. And it makes me like you as a person. I've loved getting to hang out with you which is why I hate to say this..."

"You're breaking up with me?"

"Cal... Please let me finish. I'm not breaking up with you." Mainly because I didn't realize we were a couple.

"Good. Then don't say anything else." His hand inched closer to mine until it was on top of it. He leaned in for a kiss and my eyes fluttered shut as my mind tried to keep up with my body and comprehend what was going on. Everyone "oohed" causing us to pull away. I blushed and laughed, hanging my head from embarrassment and covering my face.

"Well, we will leave you two love birds alone." Bry winked and pulled everyone away leaving Calum and I alone once again.

"Can I finish saying what I was trying to tell you earlier?"

"Depends, is it going to make me regret kissing you?"

"I hope not," I took a deep breath and launched into my explanation. "Yesterday I received some pretty bad news. It turns out I'm not doing as well as everyone had thought." Calum looked at me with a puzzled face staring back at me.

"I don't understand..."

"The cancer is spreading. I had an appointment today but out of anger I blew it off so I could be here. But I feel so guilty missing it..."


"I'm sorry."


"I want to go to my appointment tomorrow. I know it's not the ideal third date but..."

Calum cut me off, "I would love to go the hospital with you tomorrow. Any date with you would be the ideal date." Calum smiled and my heart melted. I leaned in and we kissed again. Everything I had feared was slipping away. Calum was right, it didn't matter if we spent our third date at a restaurant or at the hotel, what was important was that we were together.

I took in that moment, sitting on top of a hill looking up at the stars, surrounded by the best people a girl could ever ask for. After six months, I accepted the fact that I was dying, because now I knew that I had people who would be with me until my last breath. Just like I was there for Casey's last.

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