luna is your typical 17 year old girl,
Fun loving, hard working, and of course into music and social media..
Except Luna has terminal cancer.
As her wish, she gets to meet and spend a day with the boys of 5 seconds of summer- her idols.
With her days numbered, she plans on making every moment count before she says goodbye for good


(c) lorena pavon July 2014


14. chapter 13

I rolled over after my surgery was completed. My eyes fluttered open and the first person I saw was Calum. I managed to smile a little, but I couldn't say much or else I would puke.

"How are you feeling?" My mom stroked my hand and I just nodded my head slightly in return. "Try not to fall back asleep, okay? I'll leave you and Calum to talk." She let go of me and walked out of the room. Once she was out, I motioned for Calum to bring me my backpack and take out my bucket list notebook. He brought it to me and I took a sip of water from the cup that was on the table next to me. I sat up in the bed and fought the urge to feel sick.

"Okay, so. Tomorrow, we start small, yeah?"

"Luna, maybe you should take it easy for a few days..."

"No. I've been 'taking it easy' since January. The sooner we start, the better." I coughed and drank some more water, fighting the overwhelming urge to sleep and/or puke.

"Fine," Cal hesitated, "where do we start?"

"We go shopping... without money." I smirked and drank more water. Calum laughed and shook his head. "What? I've always wanted to know the thrill of stealing something. Plus, no one's gonna arrest a girl who's dying."

"Okay you've got me there. But what about if I get caught?"

"Easy. Don't." I giggled again but stopped. "aw, shit." I tried to reach for the bucket, but I couldn't make it. Puke was all over my bed and Calum had jumped back. "SHIT!" I tried my hardest not to cry, but clearly my hardest wasn't hard enough. Calum came back with the nurses and they helped me off the bed, and out of the hospital gown. I stood in the shower and all I could feel was failure and embarrassment. I hated cancer. I hated feeling sick all the damn time. I just want it all to be over. Tears streamed down my face and I grew angrier. I got out of the shower and put on fresh clothes.

"How are you feeling?"

"Calum... maybe you should just go." Tears were welling in my eyes once more.


"Please. Just go. I'll see you tomorrow." Calum nodded his head and left silently. There were fresh sheets on the bed, but I had a feeling they wouldn't be fresh for long. I crawled in and cried. The urge to puke came over me once more, but this time I did manage to grab the bucket in time, and every other time after that.

The next morning I got up bright and early. Although every inch of my body hurt, I wasn't going to let anything stop me from starting on my list. I took a shower and brushed my teeth several times to make sure any remains of puke were gone from my mouth. I slipped my backpack over my shoulders and walked out of the hospital room.

"You ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." I sighed. Arianna wrapped her arm around me and we walked out of the hospital together, not looking back. Calum was waiting outside, leaning on his car. When he saw me, he straightened up and wrapped his arms around my waist and lifting me up from the ground. I let out a squeal and he set me down. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road." I smirked and got in the car, putting the seatbelt on. The ride was silent at first, but Calum broke it by asking the one question I wanted to avoid at all costs.

"So how are you feeling?"

"Fine. Peachy. Wonderful. Fantastic, really."

"How were you yesterday?"

"Well I spent the entire night puking and crying, so clearly I was feeling like shit last night."


"What, Arianna? It's the truth. I'm not gonna hide anything. If I've learned anything from having cancer, it's that there's no beating around the bush with this sort of stuff. Can we change the topic now? Thanks." I turned on the radio and sat back, singing along. The rest of the ride was silent until we got to the mall.

"Where to, Captain?"

"Anywhere. This mall is our playground. We just have to split up, we'll have a smaller chance of getting caught that way." I've spent years watching shows and movies where characters went shoplifting. Although I was no expert, I did the best I could. I decided to start small, so I walked in to Claire's. I took my hat off and started browsing. I managed to take a couple of pairs of earrings and sunglasses. To make sure Arianna could get away safely and quickly, I faked feeling sick, so the attention would get to me as my sister took her things and left the store. Once she gave me the okay, I "felt better" and left the store, too. The process was repeated at every store we went to. The three of us sat down at the food court and I pulled out my list. "Well this has been fun, but we're not quite done with today, yet."

"What's next?"

"We get in the car and just drive. Every time we come to an intersection we flip a coin; heads we go left, tails we go right. After ten flips, wherever we end up is where we spend the rest of the day. It'll be an adventure." I grabbed my drink and started walking. "Well? Are you coming?" Calum and Arianna shrugged and followed me. We got in the car once more and I took a coin out. As soon as we got out of the mall parking lot we began the game.

Ten coin tosses and 20 minutes later, we arrived at our destination, a random little playground. We got out of the car and began exploring. Calum sat down on a swing and I followed. I sat on his lap, facing him, and wrapped my hands around his neck. "Hi."

"Well hello, there."

"So, I'm sorry I snapped earlier today and yesterday. I'm just tired of constantly being asked how I'm doing. Like, it's just this constant reminder that something's wrong and it can never be right again. Because once its right, I'll be dead."

"Don't think like that."

"Why? Its the truth. It's inevitable..." Silence lingered in the air for a while. Calum lifted my chin and kissed me. I pulled in closer and kissed him back, hard.

"Wow, okay, hate to break up this little love fest, but we should go back don't you think?" Arianna stood by the swings, watching us awkwardly.

"Just a minute. Go ahead and wait for us in the car." Arianna did as she was told and walked away. Calum and I stayed how we were for a moment.

"I love you." Calum looked me in the eyes and I was speechless. I knew he must have loved me, I mean who else would put up with a girl who's dying the way he did if they didn't love them. "Well say something... please?" I smiled and shook my head then leaned in to kiss him.

"I love you, too. Thank you for putting up with me these past few months."

"Well, I want to. I want to help you with this list and I want to spend as much time with you as possible." I rolled my eyes and got up off his lap. I stretched out my hand and helped him up. "C'mon, let's go home." Cal and I walked back to the car. Once on the road, I pulled out my notebook and crossed off three things. "fall in love", "steal things", and "drive somewhere, anywhere." I smiled as I crossed off "fall in love". I did love Tyler, but it was different with Calum. It was fun, and adventurous. It was scary but at the same time I was fearless around him. Calum was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew we would never get to grow old together or have a family. But I knew he was the one I wanted next to me as I took my last breath. No matter how sick I was going to get, he's the one I wanted with me every step of the way. Not Tyler, and not anyone else.

All I needed for the rest of my short life were Calum, Arianna, Devon, Bryanna, and my parents. That was it.

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