luna is your typical 17 year old girl,
Fun loving, hard working, and of course into music and social media..
Except Luna has terminal cancer.
As her wish, she gets to meet and spend a day with the boys of 5 seconds of summer- her idols.
With her days numbered, she plans on making every moment count before she says goodbye for good


(c) lorena pavon July 2014


11. chapter 10

Chemo: noun, short for Chemotherapy. The treatment of disease by means of chemicals that have a specific toxic effect upon the disease-producing microorganisms or that selectively destroy cancerous tissue. 

That's the literal definition of the word. 

Chemo: noun, short for Chemotherapy. A treatment in which numerous drugs are taken, killing or slowing down the spread of cancer, in which afterwards you feel like absolute and utter crap, vomiting whatever unfortunate substance was in your stomach prior to said intake of numerous drugs.

That's the definition of the word according to any cancer patient. 

Chemo wasn't fun the first time around, It was almost a daily thing and it usually ended with me throwing up, in a bad mood, or in the rare cases, sleeping. Either way, I hated it and now I hate it even more. Chemo did it's job, it slowed down the process, but now that the process is continuing, it meant more Chemo, more drugs, more nausea, more bad moods, and more tiredness. I get tired all the time as it is, but with more Chemo, I worried one day I would fall asleep and never wake up. 

A month after starting up with the new Chemo I got a call from a person I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to hear from. But I took the call and took up the person's offer to meet up for lunch. I was back in the same position I was a few months ago, locked in with no way out, only this time I was lucky enough to be strapped down to my own bed and not a hospital bed. Mom hardly let me leave the house for fear of me fainting or I suddenly need a blood transfusion. Calum and Bry stopped by every once in a while, but my mom was still skeptical about my hanging around with Cal.  It took a lot of convincing, but my mom let me go to meet up, as long as it was in a neutral area where I could have easy access back home. 

I took a deep breath and walked in to the Panera that was close to my house. I saw him and sat down across from him. "Mediterranean turkey panini and Cheddar broccoli soup, you remembered."

"Of course I do, we used to come here so often and you always ordered the same thing."

"Well, thanks I guess. So, how have you been?" I studied Ty's face and swirled the spoon around in my soup. His eyes were red and puffy, as if he'd been crying or smoking. 

"I've been hanging in here. I'm gonna be honest here, Luna, breaking up with you was the stupidest thing I have ever done in my entire life. And I'm sorry," his voice cracked and his eyes watered. "I was being selfish and only thinking about myself. It was you who sick, not me. I wasn't the one taking all these drugs and having to wonder if I would ever see tomorrow. And I'm sorry..."

"Tyler... stop, please. Yes you were being selfish and stupid. I had just received the worst news in my life and I really needed you... and you left. You breaking up with me was just the cherry on top of the worst day of my life." 

"I regret that so much. And I'm sorry for not coming to visit you or have any contact with you. You didn't deserve that."

"Why did you want to meet up. And before you say anything, no I won't take you back. My life's just too complicated."

"I know that, I know that I may never get you back. I just want to be friends again. I don't want to lose you."

"Okay... Fine we can be friends. But you can't be all over me or flirt or anything like that. Just friends." I didn't know if being friends with Ty again was the smartest idea. Truth is, as much as I wanted a lot of people around, I didn't want anyone getting to close. I didn't want to hurt anyone after I leave. The less people that get close to me, the less people grief and get heartbroken. I didn't want anyone to be hurt because of me. Ty and I ate our sandwiches in silence, he watched me as I pulled out my medicine and took the pills. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just... This is the first time I've seen you since it happened."

"You don't have to sugar coat it, I don't care if you say 'since you got cancer' or 'since you got sick'. Seriously, saying 'since it happened' makes me feel small." 

"Sorry..." We walked out of the restaurant and walked around the plaza for a little. "So, I heard you relapsed..."

"Well, you heard wrong."

"You didn't relapse?"

"I haven't been in remission. Ty, you can't relapse unless you've been in remission."

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