luna is your typical 17 year old girl,
Fun loving, hard working, and of course into music and social media..
Except Luna has terminal cancer.
As her wish, she gets to meet and spend a day with the boys of 5 seconds of summer- her idols.
With her days numbered, she plans on making every moment count before she says goodbye for good


(c) lorena pavon July 2014


2. chapter 1

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LUNA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" My best friend Bry came to my hospital room holding a cake surrounded by all my doctors and nurses, as well as my family.

"Congratulations Luna, you're doing so well. Looks like you might beat the odds after all." My doctor reached down and gave me a hug.

A few months ago, reaching 17 seemed like a faraway, impossible dream. They told me not to get my hopes up, that I wouldn't live to see 18 either.

"Open your present, open it, open it!" Bry jumped up and down as she handed me a package I ripped open excitedly.

"Ookayy, a 5 seconds of summer album, an empty picture frame, a 5sos shirt, pens..." I started naming everything as I pulled them out, "I don't get it.." My parents and the doctors all exchanged looks, and Bry kept smiling. "Okay what is going on?"

"Keep going!"

I pulled out a folder and opened it up. Inside were a bunch of papers. I read over them and shrieked as my eyes skimmed over the words on the papers.

"Read it out loud!"

"Dear Luna Stronghold,

We here at make-a-wish are pleased to inform you that your wish of meeting and spending the day with 5 seconds of summer has been granted! The boys heard about your story and your wish and were more than willing to help make it happen. A car will pick up you, and 2 guests of your choice- not including a parent and a doctor will be on standby- Friday July 12, 2013..."

"You can stop there. Well?"

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" Tears began to stream down my face as I hugged my parents and the doctors gave their instructions. 5 seconds of summer was my favorite band and the doctors always played their music for me during intense treatments and surgeries. I had made the wish a month after diagnosis, but they told me it wouldn't be possible, I was too sick and I probably wouldn't make it.

"Bry you're obviously coming! And Ari?" I looked over at my little sister.

"I thought you'd never ask." She smiled and reached to give me a hug.

My doctors had cleared the entire day for me, I wasn't to have any chemo sessions or surgeries, just medicine.

People from my wing constantly stopped by and congratulated me. I actually thought I would live at least another year.

"Luna, there are some people who want to say something to you." My doctor put a laptop on my little table that attached to my bed. "Press play." I did as I was told and watched the video in front of me. There on the screen was the four perfect angels I would be seeing in person in a week.

"Hi luna! 5 seconds of summer here. We just wanted to personally wish you a happy birthday and tell you we are extremely excited to meet you, your sister, and your friend next week. We have the most amazing day planned out for you guys. You are such an inspiration to us, keep on fighting. Don't stop! We wish you many years of health and happiness." They blew kisses and I covered my mouth with my hand, crying.

Bry reached over for another hug and reassured me that no, this wasn't a dream, and yes, this was all happening for real. It was unbelievable that I was the inspiration to them.

The day passed and people popped in and out of my room, congratulating me on making this far. I assured them that I would see 18, and 19, and even 20.

Hell, I told them I would live a long, healthy life.

Because the only thing you have when your a cancer patient with numbered days is hope, and all you can do is remain positive that those slim odds will land in your favor and you will be the lucky one that lives to see their high school graduation and rest of their lives.

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