Just Say Yes // NaNoWriMo

When Izzy moves to a new town, the least she expects is to make new friends. She had perfecly fine friends at her old school, so why should she try so hard to make new ones? Then there's the mysterious guy in her Science class that wants nothing to do with anyone. And of course, she just has to fall in love.


3. Chapter 3

After school, we head to Freeziac as planned. Since Ava is the only one who can drive, we depended on her to not kill us.


“Have you been talking to Nathan?” Cass asks with a mouth full of frozen yogurt.


I have to think before I respond. If I say yes, they’d probably be disappointed in me and try to get away from me since their theory is me doing drugs. If I say no, they’d be proud of me and probably just let it go.


“No, I haven’t.” I lie. I know that lying is bad, but if it keeps them friends with me, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Except Nathan but he isn’t going to know. I have a feeling that he doesn’t want me to talk about him anyways.


“That’s good, we don’t want you to turn out as a druggie.” Ava says this time.


“But I will have to talk to him, he’s my lab partner.”


“You got unlucky there.” Cass starts shaking his head but his eyes stay on his frozen yogurt.


Cass + frozen yogurt = OTP


“Yeah, but he does the work so it doesn’t really bother me.” I shrug. It’s true though. It’s weird to think that Nathan, of all people, put that much effort into getting a good grade.


“Really? I thought he was the type to not do anything.” Ava says, her mouth was wide open and she looked genuinely surprised.


“So did I, but he took more notes than I did.”


“Weird. Maybe he isn’t that bad.”


“Yeah, maybe.” I say, a small smile on my face. I’m going to be friends with Nathan, I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to prove Cass and Ava wrong.


The rest of the weekend was actually pretty boring. It was filled with countless nights with me listening to music or watching Death Note. Usually, it would be nice to have a little break, but now all I wanted to do was hang out with my old friends. I’ve barely talked to them since I moved a month ago.


But now, I’m getting ready for school. My new school, not my old one. I tell myself, new school new me, but I don’t think I have changed at all. I’m still the same girl I was at my old school. The same hair, same smile, same clothes.


That’s it, I need to go shopping. But of course, it’s Monday morning. I still have school to get through. Just one day, seven hours, I can do it.


Luckily, the day goes by fast. Mostly because I forgot that I was going to do something after school until homeroom at the end of the day. Because of the size of this town, the mall is within walking distance of the school. I refrained from telling anyone about my plans. They’ll see what I’ve done by tomorrow.


I listen to music while walking, of course. I don’t know how I’d survive without music. It helps me block out all the idiots. Upon arriving at the mall, I realized that I didn’t bring any money, just the credit card my mom gave me a few months ago.


First things first, I need hair dye. The thing about hair dye is that there’s a million different things that you can do with it. I could do an ombre, streaks, two different colors in general, or just solid. Not wanting to go too far out of my comfort zone, I choose a lovely purple color. I think it would be a nice transition from the black but still different enough.


I’m starting to love this town because they have a Hot Topic. Back in Missouri, I would have to order things online. But now I can just walk there after school. I stock up on band tees, a new pair of shoes, and some new jeans before paying and leaving.


Mom might be mad at me, but it’s worth it.


The next morning when I wake up with purple hair, I was surprised. I forgot that I dyed my hair the night before. It scared me for a little while but I eventually got used to it.


To say that my mom was shocked is an understatement.


“Isabella Rose, what happened to your hair?”


“I dyed it,” I shrug, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the counter.


“Did I give you permission to do that?”


“No…” I trail off. I can’t tell if she’s mad or not.


“Alright. You ready to go?”


Yup, she’s not mad. I think she understands that it’s my body and it’s my choice of what to do with it.


“Yeah, let me just grab my stuff.” I say, going back up to my room to grab my backpack. Ebony has started to get her friends to drive her to school so now it’s just me and Mom in the car.


“How are you liking your new school?” She asks as she pulls out of the driveway.


“It’s school,” I shrug.


“Any new friends?”


“A few.” I say, not wanting her to know anything about them.


“Thinking about inviting them to the house sometime? I wouldn’t mind.”


“If Ebony wasn’t there, maybe.” I shrug. It’s not that I don’t like Ebony, it’s that they don’t really know that she’s  my sister. I’m afraid that they’d expect more out of me if they found out that she was my sister.  


“What’s wrong with Ebony?”


“Nothing’s wrong with her. I just don’t want uh, her to bother us.”


“She won’t if she stays in her room.”


“Ugh fine, she can stay in her room but if she bothers us, I’m never bringing another friend home, ever.” I threaten before getting out of the car. I hate lying to Mom but she wouldn’t be able to handle the truth that well. She’d probably send me to a therapist.


The first thing that I do when I get to the school, is get coffee. Unlike my last school, this place has a coffee shop in the morning that’s run by students. I’ve been getting it for a few days now and it really helps me from falling asleep in class. So now everyday, I’m going to spend two dollars on a cup of coffee.


My first class on a Monday is Math, unfortunately. I usually don’t mind Math, but when it’s at 9:00 AM, it’s terrible. I spend the class coming up with situations that might happen if they do end up coming over. Them finding out that Ebony is my sister and yelling at me, them finding out that Ebony is my sister and they forever think that I’m exactly like her, finding out that Ebony is my sister and accepting it, the list goes on.


When I said that Ebony looks exactly like me, I didn’t mean exactly. Sure, we looked very similar but not enough for anyone to guess what we were twins. It especially helps that I dyed my hair.


Just as I’m about to completely stop paying attention, a voice pulls me back into the real world.


“Hey, Izzy, did you dye your hair?” Melissa, a girl that sits behind me in Math says.


“Yeah, I did.” I respond. I’ve never really spoken to her that much so this is a bit odd.


“I like it,” she smiles.


“Thanks.” I smile back at her before turning around to see the board.


When lunch arrives, I still haven’t seen Ava and Cass all day. They were pretty surprised to see my hair a completely different color that it was before.


“Woah, your hair is purple.” Ava says when I sit down.


“Yup, I dyed it last night.” I say, taking a bite out of my pizza.


“It looks nice.”


“Thanks,” I respond. Even though I got a compliment on it from Melissa this morning, I’ve been worrying about what people say about it. I don’t know if people like it or hate it. I shouldn’t care what people say about it, but it’s nice to know if it looks good or not.


“Looks like someone dyed her hair.” Cass grins, joining the table with a tray full of food. He may be gay, but he’s still a guy, meaning that he still eats a lot.


“Yeah, I did.”


“It looks wonderful. I wish that I could dye my hair.” Cass groans.


“Why can’t you?” I ask, uncapping my water bottle.


“My parents would kill me if I did. They like to think that I’m their perfect little child.” Cass complains, shaking his head and furrowing his eyebrows.


That’s why I like my mom. She lets me do what I want with my hair as long as it’s not too over the top. I’m sure that she cares a little, but not enough to yell at me or make me change it. She puts up with it like she would if someone from work had a hairstyle that she didn’t like.


“Maybe you can do it when you move out.” I offer.


“Yeah maybe.”

Lunch continues like this. I’m still trying to get used to Cass and Ava being my friends rather than Brianna and Cameron from Missouri. But here I am, in Washington with new friends and no reminder of my past life.

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