Following the Stars

Percy has never known what happiness is, and it seems like he'll never know, will someone, or something, help him to bring joy in his life once again?

"In the midst of all the darkness, there's still a light in the world"-mini_bagel11


2. Live Life

 I was always quiet in school, and people were fine with that, and I liked it. My sister always told me when I was little to now, "Percy, be more out going! Live life!" and I would always reply, "I am living life, how would I be breathing then?" She would laugh her quirky laugh and would ruffle my hair, I would only let her do that. Now I didn't even smile, smiling is something in the past for me. It seemed that way at least, I would never be happy in my life, until she stepped in.



Sorry if these are short.... they'll get longer!

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