Floral [Harry Styles]

Floral Sumner is a 19 year old do-it-herself, doesn't need anyone, type of girl. But when she runs into sweet talking, charming Harry, her whole life turns into a LifeTime drama. [Book also on WattPad.com] © 2014 BlackVeilStyles on WattPad.com


1. Ch. 1

I sat at the cold metal seat, trying to explain to myself that collage was important and I needed to be here. I wanted a good job, right?

Ha, I'm hilarious.

My father owned a small restraunt, I was to take it over when I turned 23; not that I objected. I didnt need to spend my time sitting around desiding what I wanted to be like these other dumbasses.

"Floral." I heard Melodys' voice fill my head, skattering all my thoughts like bandits from a burgler alarm.

I turned around, mearly glancing at our shit for brains teacher -- who was faced to the board, writing something I was suposed to care about.

"What?" I asked my blue haired, brown eyed friend.

She smirked, "Frat party tonight at Harry Styles' frat house. Troy's gonna be there."

I smiled at Troys' name; the ex I couldnt forget.

I nodded, hearing Miss Fredricksen's annoying heels clang and bang towards me.

"Floral, something you'd like to share with the class?" She asked, her old wrinkly face scrunched into a pout.

I frowned, "Nope."

"Good. Now class, what did the War of 1812 in Mississippi teach-" She started as I zoned out again, not caring.

* * *

I hummed the tune to 'Love Drunk' by Boys Like Girls as I walked around my kitchen; messing with my phone. When was Melody going to text me the address to this Frat House Party? I wanted to know who 'Harry Styles' was and why everyone always came to his partys.

A knock at the door made my humming come to a stop, I slid my phone on the counter and walked to the door. My bare feet padded against the hardwood floor. It was the middle of September, cold and wet outside and someone was standing out there?

I opened the dark colored door, "What the hell are you-"

I stopped as I saw it was just a UPS man, handing me a package.

"Miss Floral Sumner? Please sigh here." The tall, fair skinned man asked as I grabbed his pen, sighing my name quickly and shutting the door.

"Fuck the weather," I mumbled as I turned the heater on, trying to chase the cold breeze from my house.

I grabbed a small knit blanket, throwing over my shoulders and sitting on the couch. Should I open the package? It can wait.

Another knock at the door, I set the TV remote down and huffed as I opened the door.

"I fucking swear if you give me another pack-"

"Good Lord Floral, I just forgot my key. Keep your pants on." Jacy shoved past me, snow peppering her black hair.

Snow? Only England.

"Ok. Just because you're my flat mate doesnt mean you can push me." I pouted as she giggled.

She patted my head, "Is baby Floral mad?"

She laughed as I swatted her hand away.

My phone buzzed, I walked over and grabbed the small slide phone.

*Olli Avenue, 1848. be there at 8 babe x* Melody had texted, I sent a simple *ok* back and closed out of the phone.

"Heard about Harry Styles Frat Party tonight Flo?" Jacy asked, grabbing some chips and salsa in a small blue dish.

I nodded, grabbing a chip and stuffing it in my mouth. "Im going with Mel, are you and Nick going together?"

She looked down, scarffing three chips before clearing her throat. "H-He dumped me for Ashley..."

I huffed -- I hated Ashley and her ugly bleached blonde hair and her plastic face. Jacy wasnt a bestfriend, but we were flat mates and I was far beyond pissed at Ashley and Nick now.

"Why does he even like that joker face?" I mumbled, Jacy gave a small giggle before answering.

"Boobs. Men like boobs. Big boobs." She cracked a smile before I burst out laughing.

"Plastic enjected boobs." I added as we both laughed.

She walked into the living room, coming back with a quarter.

"Heads, she gets pregnaunt. Tails, she gets Herpes." Jacy laughed at the joke.

"Honey, she already has AIDS." I added as she smiled again.

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