Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


24. twenty-four

Chapter 24


I found it quit funny, actually. Knowing that my best mate would try and flirt with Eve right in front of me. It made my blood boil to see harry, the guy who can seduce any girl, anywhere- flirting with my girl.

It was kind of amusing to watch Eve shrug him off and not accept any of his drinks he had gotten her, but also to watch as she walks away from him and he still followed her. I do know that harry is way past hammered, and he wouldn't be doing this if he was dead sober, but a drunk heart spills what the sober mind won't.

So it leaves me to wonder.. How long has he had a crush on her? How long has he been jealous that I have her and he doesn't? How long has he watched in envy, my lips attach hers and him not do anything about it? I feel bad because I had to watch that for almost two whenever that other fucker took her away from me, but harry isn't evil like he was, so I don't get it.

And just as I'm about to crack my knuckles, louis taps my shoulder and distracts me.


"Harry, I don't want another drink. I'm suppose to be sober driving later." This is my seventh time declining him, at first I was being nice and now I'm just getting annoyed.

"Pleassssse." He slurs, he's gone, I don't even think he knows his own name right now.

"Harry, like you need to stop." I say whenever he uses me as a leaning post. "Okay that's enough, let's get you to bed." I say and hold him up straight as walk to a bedroom. I open one door and see it's empty, I lie him on the bed and look around just to make sure there's no one in here. "Okay, go to sleep harry." I say and pulled the blankets over him.

"Ca-can you take those off?" He asks and puts his feet out. I nod and take his shoes off. "A-and dis too." He giggles. He's acting like a 14 year old drunk for the first time, giggling and hiccuping. I take his flannel off for him and start to leave the room only to be pulled back by him.

My face was inches away from his as I tried to pull away, "don't pull away. I've been wanting you for so long." He admits. My cheeks heat up, but I always blush whenever someone gives me a compliment like that.

"I'm with Niall, Harry. And you need to go to sleep." I said and pulled away again.

"Sleep with me pleasssse." His sentences are almost incoherent but the room is silent so I can hear him. Kind of.

"What? Harry no, niall is your best mate, what are you doing?" Im getting mad, this isn't funny. I could actually feel my wrist starting to bruise from his grip. "Harry let go, I'm leaving and you need to sleep."

"Noooooooo, stay please?"

I got my hand away from him and stormed out of the room. I bumped into something solid and smacked the ground with my body. "I'm sorry, I didn-"

"Why were you in that room alone with Harry? And why are you cheeks flushed?" An angry Niall said toward me.

"He's smashed, I was finding him a place to sleep." I said and got up off the ground, with no help from my boyfriend. "And my cheeks are flushed because it's hot in here and I'm ready to go."

"He told you he liked you didn't he?"

"Stop acting like a high schooler. Let's go, I'm tired." I said and tried to pull him toward the door. But he pushed past me and walked into the room. "HARRY!" I heard Niall yell and I ran in behind him.

Harry was so drunk he barely understood anything Niall was yelling. "WHY ARE HIS SHOES AND SHIRT OFF?!"

"He asked me to take them off?" I said, not really knowing what the big deal is. "Niall, he's drunk and so are you, let's go home. Please?" I begged, pulling at his arm. He shrugged me off and grabbed Harry by his shoulders, shaking him.

This is pathetic. By the time Harry became sober enough to know what was going to happen, it was too late. Niall had punched him right the mouth, sending his lip threw his teeth. I screamed out and pushed Niall off of Harry. "What is wrong with you!" I screamed at him. He smirked a drunken smirk at me, almost like he was proud.

I stormed out of the room and walked down to the car. My feet going as fast as they can. This is why I don't go to parties, dumb shit like this happens and its annoying.

My name was being called from behind me but I didn't turn around. I got in the car and started it up, hands gripped the wheel as a drove off, leaving Niall at the party house. If he wants to be like that, then two can play that game. Louis will probably drive him home.

Jesus Christ. I need a therapist or something. Xxbella

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