Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


23. chapter twenty-three

Chapter 23 




Things have gotten better, eve is more vocal- she's talking more and seems to have a brighter smile on her face. She's playful again and she seems more outgoing. 
Her whole Ora has changed, it took a long time and me asking myself if this is actually worth it to see that she is. She left me sleepless for nights on end and left me wanting to rip my hair out but as I look at her from across the room with her tablet in hand, streaming through whatever she's on. I know she's worth every minuet of it. 
"Niall." She says and put her tablet down. 
"Can we go out?" Her question surprises me, only because every time I've mentioned going out she throws a fit. But like I said, she's making progress. 
"And where would you like to go princess?" 
She smiles at my words, "I don't know. Out." She shrugs her shoulders. 
"Like dress up kind of out, or macdonald's kind of out?" 
She thinks for a moment, scrunching up her nose as she looks up at the ceiling. "Party kind of out." 
"Lucky for you, my beautiful baby, I know where all the parties are." I say as I flick her chin. She bites her lip and grab her face and kiss her. "Get ready, it's already eight." She nods and runs upstairs. 


An hour later and I'm sitting on the couch texting harry asking if there's anything going on tonight and what the addresses are and she finally comes downstairs. 
Her hair is a wave of loose ended curls, her dress is a tight burgundy colour with a lace cut out on the sides and of course, she picks converses to cover her feet. "So elegant and then you pick converses." I laugh and wrap my arm around her waist. 
She leans into me. "Is this too much?" She asks and places her hands on mine. 
"No way, but you're staying beside me, no ones going to touch you." I tell her and she turns around, hands around my neck. 
"I know." She smiles and grabs a jacket and walks out. I turn the heated seats on for her as soon as I start the car and she snuggles into her jacket. "Where are we going?" She asks. 
"Harry's." I tell her and pull out of the driveway. 

After a stop at the liquor store, we pull into Harry's driveway. She's the first one out and she's rushing me in the door. "Hold on baby, the liquor." I tell her and grab the bottles. She giggles and takes some off my hands and walks in. 
"EVE!" I heard Liam shout, it's been a while since anyone has seen her. "Haven't seen you in forever!" Liam says and hugs her. 

"I missed you!" She tells him and then she spots harry. "HARRY!" She squeals and runs up to him. He catches her and her legs wrap around his stomach and he holds her up. "I missed you so much!" 
" same to you." He winks. "Niall my man, how's it been going?" 
"Same old same old." I shrugged. We looked at each other and then we started screaming like little girls before he bro hugged. "It's been too long styles." I told him. 
"I agree, Horan. Alright, let's get this party started!" 


Little did I know, this party getting started meant me getting into yet another fight. With my best mate. 


ITS BEEN A LONG TIME I KNOW. You should like live my life and see the drama I go threw & ignore, it's like ridiculous. 

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