Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


10. chapter ten

Chapter 10


I could see Eve's eyes darted to everyone that was talking around the table. She slowly swallowed her pizza and then put it back on her plate, licking her lips and drinking from her straw.

I couldn't help but think about those lips could do. One kiss and she had me ready to go, the way her tongue swirled around mine.

I gulped when her hand touched my thigh, coming very close to my already hard dick ...again. She looked up at me, I'm busted.

My cheeks grew hot and I turned away from her, I could hear her holding back a giggle but she jumped back when Zayn slapped his hand on the table. "There will be no jokes said at this table without telling the rest of us what is going on over there!" I knew he was just joking, but Eve didn't.

"I- I didn't- um..." She stuttered.

"Calm down, babe. I'm only kidding with ya." Zayn winked at her. I noticed Harry, Louis and Liam starring at her and then at me.

"He was just joking." I said into her ear and she nodded her head, her hand gripping mine. I knew she was scared because her dad was a terrible drunken dad and he probably didn't joke around when he talked to her like that.

"I'm full." I whispered to me.

"Yes, more for me!" I said and grabbed the pizza off her plate. She giggled and poked my pizza-filled cheek, causing me to smile. I turned away from her when Liam's phone started ringing he got up and left the table. I knew exactly who he was talking to.

"I'll be right back." I told the boys who sat around the table. I took Eve by the arm gently and walked her upstairs. "You're tried, baby." I cooed to her. She looked at me when I used the word baby instead of her actual name.

"Are you coming?" She asked, her fingers gripped the end of my shirt and I thought that was the cutest thing ever. She looked so child-like standing here in front of me.

I brushed the hair that fell in her face away from her eyes and cupped her cheek, "I have to talk to them for a second." I smiled lightly at her.

"Just stay until I fall asleep?" My heart fell to my stomach when I noticed her eyes starting to tear up, "I don't really like sleeping by myself." She whispered and looked down at the floor, rocking her feet back and fourth.

"Yes, I'll stay. Come here.." I said and pulled the blankets back, allowing her to crawl in with me. She cuddles up into my arms and wrapped them around her safely. She was defiantly tired because after five minuets of laying down, she was out like a light.

I slowly pushed myself up off the bed and tucked the blankets up around her shoulders. I kissed her forehead and slowly closed the door and went downstairs.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Liam said once my foot hit the last step. I cocked an eyebrow at him, "don't play dumb, horan. You know what's going to happen with her if anyone else finds out!"

"Easy, Payne. Nothing's going to happen, she's okay she's good. She doesn't even know anything, there's nothing for anyone to get their panties in a bunch over." I said sitting down beside Harry.

"Still, you know how dangerous is it to bring a girl into this kind of shit!" He spat in my face from across the table.

"What am I suppose to do? Be single for the rest of my fucking life, get over yourself Liam." I scuffed.

"So you are dating?" Louis slurred.

"No, not officially. But she's still mine, so don't even think of anything and get that stupid smirk off your face." I pointed at him.

He put his hands up in defense and leaned back into his chair. "You need to get rid of her." Liam said, a stern looking coming on his face.

"Fuck off would ya, stop worrying over nothing! Nothing will happen to her, I'll make damn sure of that and if anyone has a fucking problem with it then come talk to me!" I shouted, my hands smashing against the table, I stood up.

My breathing was heavy, my heart was racing and adrenaline was shooting threw my veins. "Niall?" Her voice sounded from behind me.

We all froze, not making a move. M breath hitched and I turned around, "Eve?" I looked over at her. She was standing slightly behind the corner where the stairs ends, her eyes peaking out and looking at me. I walked over to her and took her back up stairs.

"Are you okay?" She asked me when we got back in my room.

"Yes, I'm okay." I smiled at her. I pulled out my headphones and gave them to her to wear, "just keep these in okay?" She nodded and took them, plugging then into her phone.

"Why were you yelling?" Her voice was soft and cautions, like she was scared to ask me a question.

"Liam and I don't really get along sometimes. Why, what did you head?"

"Just that if someone has a problem, they should come talk to you..." She trailed off, her hands gathered her hair and put it in a bun on top of her head.

"Okay, just don't come down. I'll try and keep my voice down; I'm sorry I woke you." I told her and kissed her forehead again. I knew she didn't want me to leave her in bed again but I had too, I had to sort things out with Liam.

"She's too pretty for you." Liam said with a smirk on his face. "And she defiantly too pretty for this type of shit; Niall. Who are kidding? She's going to find out one way or another, when you're gone for weeks at a time and have no way of getting a hold of her? Then what, you lie and tell her everything's okay and she only takes it for so long then she's gone? Even worse, everyone else finds it about her and then you, out of all people Niall, know exactly what would happen then." I knew he was right but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

"I'm getting out of this bullshit stuff soon away." I said cooly, leaning back in my chair.

"Oh really?" He slowly replied. "And how the fuck are you going to do that?" He asked.

"Liam stop." I said, trying to calm myself down. The last thing it need right now is to wake Eve up again. "She's sleeping." My eyes met his and he scuffed.

"Member when Harry decided he was going to get a little crush?" Liam said.

"Watch it!" Harry warned.

"No really, what happened when Jax found out? Can you enlighten Niall here because he's seemed to have forgotten what happens to girls in this industry." He put air quotes over the word industry and Harry gave him a hard glare.

"Difference, Harry let her in the know." I said, I felt like a little kid trying to defend my toy soldier and his battle field. "Harry told her why he was always gone and she wanted to protect him when he came home looking like a truck hit him."

"I said, watch it!" Harry snarled at me. I waved him off, I was right. The only reason why Belle 'disappeared' was because he told her.

"And you're not going to tell Eve?" Liam said. This whole time Louis and Zayn were watching all of us interact with each other. It was like they were two little boys trying to understand what they're parents were talking about.

"You're talking like you'd tell Jax?" Louis finally cut in.

Liam sighed, "I would never do that. Especially to one of you guys, especially to a girl. I'm just warning you of the dangers that can and most likely will happen when she or anyone else finds out." Liam ran a hand over his short hair and looked down. "Just be careful." He said and got up and walked out the door.

Hey! I'll explain everything soon!!! NOW the drama starts to take off :) have fun my boo's xxbella

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