Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


16. chapter sixteen

Chapter 16


My head was lying on his chest. The IV's in his arms were the only things that were keeping him hydrated, because he wouldn't wake up to eat or drink his own food.

I haven't stopped crying, I haven't been eating and the nurse told me that pretty soon I was going to end up beside him because I wasn't eating properly.

Right now, my head was down and fingers were locked with his. This was the thing that I didn't want to happen, Niall got hurt and it was all my fault. I went two months without Niall being hurt, and now look... He's in the hospital in a coma because I'm a shitty liar.

"Hey." I heard Harry walk in. I looked up at him, my eyes were teary so I couldn't overly see him clearly. "This isn't healthy you know." He said and sat down beside me.

It's funny, whenever I first met him and Niall. I thought they were assholes, cocky and straight up douche bags. I thought they only lived for one thing, fuck girls who couldn't hold their liquor.

But now, I know they're all the same. Except Jax. They all want nothing more than to be loved by someone for who they actually are; giant teddy bears with bad reps.

"I know." I sniffed and laid my head back down on Niall's chest. "I don't know what else to do though." I sighed.

"You can eat something?" Harry suggested. "You don't look the same anymore, you're skin is white and your clothes are falling off you." He said and rubbed my back. It's been almost two weeks since Niall's been admitted here and they said they see him waking up any time soon.

"My heart hurts..." I whined and let go of Niall to snuggle into Harry. He's use to this by now, Harry had turned into someone of a big brother to me. He was always there to catch me when I fell and he always put Niall in his place whenever Niall was an idiot toward me. ( when Jax was gone and hung out with Niall, that is.)

"I know." He said softly and played with my hair. "Let's go to the cafeteria." He said.

I shook my head, "what if he wakes up and were gone?" I whined.

"He'll be okay. We'll tell the nurse and the nurse can tell him if he wakes up okay?" He smiled at me, he was so patient with me. I felt bad because I was always whining to him about things, but he always stopped what he was doing to listen and try to help me.

"Okay.." I said slowly. I was a bit skeptical about leaving but my stomach crying and basically teary itself apart made me go.

When we got up to the cafe, I ate everything in site. I wanted more and more and I felt myself gain 10 pounds because I ate so much. "Slow down, you're gonna make yourself sick." Harry said laughing as he took away my tray.

"Harry!" I whined. "Give it back." I made a puppy face and he just rolled his eyes. "Please?" I begged. I was starving.

"Drink some water." He pointed to my water bottle and I rolled my eyes this time. But I listened, Harry being the dad that he thinks he is, ugh.

"Okay give it:" I said when I chugged half the bottle.

He laughed and gave me back my tray, I cleared that in five minuets. "You and Niall are soulmates. I've never seen two people polish off a full tray of food in less than four minuets, ever." I laughed and nodded my head.

"Can we go back now?" I asked when I finished.

"Yeah let's go." We walked back down to the room Niall was in and I felt a wave of disappointment hit me whenever I saw Niall still sleeping. I even brought him back a brownie in case he woke up and he was gonna be hungry. "C'mon niall, wake the fuck up." Harry said in a groan. "We miss ya man."

It was heart breaking to see Harry so upset over Niall. Everyone was upset over him being in here, they stopped coming after a week in a half of seeing him laying still in the hospital bed not moving.

I sighed and sat down beside him again, my heart hurts.

Shitty chapter again, I'm trying to move this along fast. So that's why it's like skipping into weeks, anyway. What's up?! I'm going to get my ticket TOMORROW. YOU GUYS IM GOING TO THE STATES! Ahhhhhh xxbella

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