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"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


19. chapter nineteen

Chapter 19








I watched him struggle. I watched him painfully try to go from the kitchen to the living room. As much as I tried to help him, he turned me down, telling me he was fine and could do it by himself. It was painful for me to just sit there, almost forced to watch because I was scared if I didn't he was gonna hurt himself more.

He finally sat on the couch, neither of us have said much to each other since we got back from the hospital two days ago. It's basically been the same: wake up, eat, watch TV and go back to bed only to re-run the same scene. He hasn't touched me either, it's almost like he's scared I'm gonna disappear if he touches. Too scared to Let go.

I'm still scared myself, I feel like Jax is gonna bard he threw the door and grab me by my hair and choke me till I'm no longer alive. I can't sleep, I can barely eat and half the time I forget where I am because my nerves are bad. "I'm sorry." I was knocked out if my thoughts when I heard Niall's shaking voice speak.

"What?" I looked at him, he's face was pale and his were pooling over, tears spilling on his cheeks. "What's wrong?" I tried to crawl over to him but he moved over. I sat back down in defeat and looked at my hands.

"You weren't suppose to get caught up with this shit. You were suppose to be mine and I fucked up, I got you into something you couldn't handle and im sorry."

"It's okay, I was the one that didn't leave!" I tried to pull his arms away from his face so he could hold me.

"Look at you, you're bruised and sore and it's all my fault! I shouldn't have let him take you from me in the first place, I should've done something that night I saw him put his hands on you! I should hav-"

I cut him off with my lips on his, I couldn't handle it anymore, I needed to feel something from him. I needed his touch on mine and I needed him to stop talking crazy. "Shut up." I said, his blue eyes were darker, and glossy from all the crying. "I need you back Niall. I was always yours, right from that day I saw you at the mall, when I thought you and Harry were huge pricks." He laughed a little at my comment.

"I need you, okay? I'm yours, only yours. Jax is gone and now we can live again! We can be, you and I! We can be us! You should be happy about that!" I exclaimed. He nodded his head and I wiped under his eyes and kissed him again.

"I love you." He whispered to me.

"I love you, Niall."


I woke with Niall's face on my stomach, drooling all over the exposed skin."Gross." I muttered. "Niall." I poked his head, he moved a little but not as much as I wanted him too. "Niall!" I said a little louder, he jolted awake; making himself fall of the couch. 

"Ow." He said rubbing his face. "Hello." He grunted and got up off the floor. It was a struggle for him to get off the floor but he did, "I'm hungry." I had forgotten that he hasn't eaten in almost three weeks.

"Want me to make something?" I suggested, he sat at the end on the couch where my feet were. He nodded his head and I got up to go explore the kitchen for something. I had a lot of questions built into my mind since that night and while I opened and shut cupboards, I made the sentences inside my head, promises myself that I would ask Niall later. 

I looked in the back of the fridge and grabbed the Alfredo sauce and the chicken I had defrosting. Starting up the pan for the chicken while the noddles cooked and throwing the chicken into the pan to fry up and then I added half the bottle of alfredo to the chicken, drained the noodles and placed them on plates. 

I poured more sauce on the noodles and then added the chicken, "Niall, it's ready." He literally ran into the kitchen and almost fell over the chair. "Easy, you're going to hurt yourself." I said and set the plate in front of him. 

"Oh my god, this is so good." His eyes rolled back into his head while he shoved forkfull after forkfull into his mouth. I giggled a little bit and started eating mine, not gonna lie, I am a pretty good cook. 

"Where are your parents, and don't lie. I know they're not somewhere on a trip because I've known you over six months and haven't seen or heard of them once." I said with a dead glare. His fork fell from his fingers and he stopped chewing. Gotcha.

"Um." He started, he looked at me and then swallowed his food, "I told you." He said simply.

"You know, I don't understand what's with all the secrets? You act like I'm undercover or something, you're always so hidden?" I said in an angry tone. 

"C'mon Eve."  He started.

"No, what do you do that pays so much that you can afford such a nice, huge place like this and that fucking car-thing? Who are you, and why did you come back home?" His eyes were hard against mine, but I didn't let him know that he was scaring me, I just kept it going. "I've 'known' you for almost six mouths but yet I know shit about you. So what's up, Niall." His jaw clenched and his eyes turned darker.

"None of your business, Eve." He played back. 

"Why did you get up and come back here, why didn't you just stay where you were? What was so important that you had to come back? Did you kill someone down in the MainLands, or what, because I can't keep thinking you're someone you're not." I fired back.

His head dropped, his hands ran over his face and then he looked back at me. "My parents died a few years ago, I got money from that. I was sixteen, a total asshole and blew threw almost all of it in no time, I needed money and I needed it now. When I left, I found Harry. Told him my fucking life story, he called Jax and Jax hooked me up with a few things. By this time, I was seventeen, still had nothing going for me. I was still a fucking asshole, no one wanted much to do with me, I didn;t really care anyway.." He took a deep breath. 

"Jax  is a drug dealer with a few side jobs, at first... And then, when he started trusting me more, he gave me... Other jobs." He paused, "he let me into his 'business' and I fucking loved it. The money that was racking into my bank account was amazing, but then you came along, made me open my eyes a bit.. Well a lot, because I knew I couldn't have you if I still wanted to live, or you to live for that matter." My eyes started to water, the pain that I saw in his eyes was hurting me. 

"Jax and I started fighting, he took you  away from me and I thought that was it.  So to get my mind off of it, I asked for other jobs, just so he wouldn't suspect anything. I'm sorry okay? I thought if I told you, you wouldn't want anything to do with me anymore and that hurt the most because you were already taken from me. I couldn't even think about you purposely not wanting me." I got up off my chair when I noticed little tear drops falling onto his cheeks. 

I stood in front of him and he wasted no time with hugging my thighs and crying into my stomach, "You have no idea how hard it was to watch you every goddamn day with someone else!" He screamed into my shirt, "I loved you from day one and he fucking took you from me,  beat you and broke you! I should've done something, I should've killed him myself!" 

"Niall.." I played with his hair while he sobbed into my shirt. "I love you, okay?" I said and he nodded his head against me. I could feel his tears seeping threw my shirt, but I didn't care. 

OH MY GOD I LEAVE FOR THE STATES IN LIKE 8 DAYS! i fly from charlottetown right down to new york [JFK airport] AND HAVE A FOUR HOUR DELAY THERE? what even, then to ATLANTA! WOOOOO so fucking excited, then i'm in albuqurque and then gallup, New mexico! GUYS STOP, I'M CRYING. also, i wanna give a big thank you to everyone who has been reading this story [even thought it's kinda shitty] BUT HEY! you've all giving me an amazing first experience with movellas, and i will defiantly be writing on this website foreverrrr! ♥♥ xxbella

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