Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


9. chapter nine

Chapter 9

Again, a little bit of sexual content in this. & if you can't say the words vagina without laughing... You shouldn't be reading this story :* xxbella


Her mouth was on my neck, sucking and pulling, not stopping until it was promised to leave a lovebite.

Her hips went against me again and I moaned into her mouth when her lips were placed on mine. My hands went up her back and around the front, tugging her shirt up.

She surprised me when she pulled back and throwing the shirt on to the ground beside our belts. I didn't waste time in taking her face in my hands and pressing my lips to hers, she moved on my lap like she's done this before.

And although the thought of her being with another man like this pisses me off, I don't mind as much. It makes this fun and a lot more easier.

She moaned into my mouth, I can't take it any longer. "Eve." I said against her lips. I don't think I've ever wanted a women as much as I want her right now. She's got me squirming and I don't know how much longer I can deal with this.

She started palming me threw my jeans, my head went back in pleasure. "Eve." I said again, she nodded her head, I knew she wanted this as much as I did.

My tongue was in her mouth, my hands pressed her body to mine and I picked her up. I sat down carefully on the couch, our mouths never leaving one another. She straddled me again, rubbing against me as she tried to get my pants off.

I pushed her off me and took my jeans off, I watched as she wiggled out hers. I sat there for a second, watching as her black laced panties came into my view and then I stood up.

Our bodies pressed together and my hand touched her cheek, my thumb running over the cheek bone. A piece if her long, curly hair fell in her face. I laughed a little, pushing it back. Her blue- green eyes looked up into my blue ones.

She's something different, she makes me forget about all the bad memories I've been trying for years to forget. She makes me wanna be better, makes me want to become something more.

Just her touch can make me weak in the knees, yes I just met her but I already want to do everything I can to protect her.

My hands cupped her face again, and she walked us back to couch. She sat on me again, kissing and sucking, licking and biting at my collar bones. I could feel her heart beat threw chest and begging was never my type of thing, but I was about to beg for her.

"Eve.." I said again, I'm already breathless and she didn't even do anything.

She knew what I wanted, her hands gripped my boxers and pulled them down before her fingers moved her panties to the side.

She was tight, and she knew what she was doing. I moaned when she slipped forward and then bucked backwards.

My hand was pressed to her back, keeping her close to me. It was my turn to leave a marking on her, and I did just that. My teeth bit into her skin, my lips sucking at her shoulder and fingers digging into her newly exposed hips.

I flipped us over, her fingers clawed at my back. My head dipped into her neck and I listened to the way my name fell from her panting lips.

I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold off for, I was enjoying this way too much to stop. But when her nails dug into my back again and my name came from her, pink lips I knew I was done.

I let myself spill into, my head dipping back in her neck, nuzzling into it. Our bodies were sweaty and I held myself up so I could see her.

Her eyes were the colour of the morning sky and her cheeks were flushed, I bet mine didn't look much better. Her hands went up and down my rib cage, tickling it and making me giggle like a little boy.

She pushed me off her, she grabbed my shirt and threw it over her head. The grey, long sleeve v neck looked like a nightgown on her.

I stood up, slipping my boxers back before letting my hands wrapping around her waist from behind. Her head looked up at me, "can I shower?" She asked, her voice raspy.

I nodded my head and let her go and when she walked away, I smacked her ass, making her jump and run up the stairs.

I went outside and let Cider back in off her leach and called for pizza. "Yeah, and add cheesy bread and cinnamon sticks to that please." I hung up my phone and walked up stairs to change my clothes.

I'll need to shower when she's done.

'Having pizza if you wanna get the boys and come over.' I texted Harry.

'Cheesy bread too?' He was obsessed with cheesy bread. I texted him back and he said he'd be on his way.

I sat on my bed when I heard the bathroom door click open. Eve walked in my room with a towel wrapped around her. "I need a shirt.." She whined when she couldn't find a shirt to wear.

"Here." I said, passing her one of my old shirts that didn't fit me anymore.

She slipped it on over the towel and then wiggled herself into fuzzy pajama shorts. Her wet hair soaked the shirt within minuets and I couldn't help it, my ODC kicked in when I saw the water droplets hit the floor.

I picked up the towel she on off the floor and dried the bottom of her hair. "That's better." I said with a smile. She giggled and turned around to look at me, her head laying on my chest. "I think I like you." I whispered into her wet hair.

"I think I like you too." She said, her hands wrapping around my waist. The doorbell rang, "who's that?" She asked. She looked scared for a moment, maybe she thought it was her dad.

"Either the pizza guy or Harry." I kissed her forehead and led her downstairs.

"NIALL WHATS UP MY FURBY LOOKING BROTHA!" Zayn said, stumbling into my door and hanging his arm off me.

"Just had to go to the bars before coming here, didn't ya." I said laughing at Harry. He just shrugged.

I looked behind me and seen Eve standing by the stairs, terror written on her face as she watched Louis and Zayn tumble in drunk. Ah fuck, I should've asked if they were hammered first.

"Are you two drunk?" I asked, pointing at Harry and Liam. I already knew the answer but I wanted to make sure.

"No, I drove." Harry said, lifting his arms in defeat.

"And I babysat." Liam sighed. Liam's eyes were caught in the attention of Eve, she looked at me and back to Liam. "Who's that?" Liam asked.

"That's Eve." I said walking over to her. I put my arm around her waist and encouraged her to come over and meet Liam.

"Yours?" Liam asked, I nodded my head. "You know if they find out about her-" Liam stopped talking when Harry hit him in the back, causing him to fall over and start coughing.

The doorbell rang again, "PIZZA!" Louis yelled and ran toward the door. "NIALL GET YOUR MONEY!" He said when he let the pizza guy in.

"56.89$" the guy handed me the pizza when I handed him 80 bucks and left when I told him to keep the change. We all sat down, I grabbed plates and Eve sat down next to Harry. He was the only one she really knew, so it didn't bother me much.

"Here yas go." I said when I passed out the plates.

Eve sat close to me, I barely has elbow room but I didn't mind. I felt like she needed me in some way, and I was okay with that.

Her first picked were the cinnamon sticks, she looked at it and then took a bite, "you've never had cinnamon sticks?" Zayn asked.

She gasped at his voice and shook her head. "Do ya like em?" Louis asked her.

She nodded her head and ate two more.


Alright alright alright. This chapter wasn't all that good. BUT HEY, an update is nice! Alright, sooooo I made a trailer for this book, it's in the fort chapter so go watch it! I kind of give away a few things ;) hint hint. Lol, xxbella

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