Curiosity n.h

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a metaphor used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to "curiosity killed the cat" is "but, satisfaction brought it back".[1]


5. chapter five

Chapter 5

My heart was in my throat the minuet Niall dropped me off at my house. I looked around the driveway, up the road and stuck my head in the garage to see if I could catch a glimpse of dad's car anywhere.

I sighed, my breathing becoming less heavy when I realized no one of home. I stuck my key into the lock and closed the door quickly behind me. I ran upstairs and shut the bathroom door, locking it, I then began to strip for a shower.

The hot water rushed over me, hitting my sore muscles in the right spot. While I was washing my body, I noticed my upper arm had a bruise on it. I sighed, the imprint that was left on me from last night was a clear, full hand marking.

"Lovely." I said, closing my eyes. I lathered and conditioned my hair. I stepped out, wrapping a towel around me I ran to my bed room. Closing and locking my door, I let the towel pool around my feet while I got something comfortable to wear.

I laid back in my bed and closed my eyes, I didn't even know I fell asleep.


"I don't know man, she's got that look in her eye." I sat forward on my knees. Putting my hands on my face and looking threw them. Harry sat in front of me, his arm up on the back of my couch and smirked at me.

"What's the look for?" I asked, sitting back up.

"You're crushing." He said plainly, I laughed at him.

"I just met the girl! Like fuck I am!" I said, I still laughing but then I stopped. I was defiantly lusting. "She looks like she'd be good in bed though, don't you think?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"I don't know, you're the one who slept with her." He raised an eyebrow. A smirk was clear on his face, "so, you mean to tell me that you both slept in the same bed ... And you didn't even try anything with her?" This was the fourth time he had asked this.

"She's a little bit upset right now." I squinted my eyes at him, "do you not remember picking her up off the floor last night?" I asked harshly.

Harry just looked at me, "so what now?" He asked after a few minuets of silence.

I shook my head, "i don't know. She seems chill."

"Want her number?" He asked out of no where.

"how do you have her number?" I asked, why does he have it and I don't ?

"Louis got it and gave it to me to give to you. I think you should call her later."

"Alright give me it." I said, holding out my phone so he could put the number in. I looked down at my phone when it was passed back to me, I swallowed when I realized how big of a pussy I've become.

I can't even text her right now because I'm too scared. "What?!" Harry gasped, putting his hand on his chest. "Is THE Niall horan scared to text a chick that he just met?" Fucking dick.

"Nah, I'll let her get settled at home first." I made up the most stupidest excuse ever. Harry just laughed at my words, he knew me all too well.

After Harry left, I got in the shower. I looked at my phone, thinking about texting her but i put my phone back down on the counter and stepped under the hot water.

Eve had this innocent side to her, like she was scared of everything. But at the same time, she looks like she could, or has, taken on the world. Her eyes were this weird colour of blue and green, I couldn't get her out of my head.

Yeah sure I just met her yesterday, but she's got me clung to her. I didn't know what to do tonight when I dropped her off.

I turned the shower off, grabbing the towel from the rack and drying my face. Maybe I should call her, but I don't want her to think in overly attached.

"Fuck it." I breathe and grab my phone after I wrap the towel around my waist. The phone rings a few times before she says hello. "Hey what's going on?" I act cool.

"Niall?" She asked, her voice is hushed. In the background I think I can hear screaming.

"Yeah, what's happening?" I asked. My eyes brows frown in worry. There's knocking in the background, sounds like someone's trying to bust a door down.

"Now's not a good time..." She gasps when the banging gets louder. "I have to go." She whispers.

"Wait, what's going on? Hold on, I'm coming okay!"

"Okay." She breathes. I hang up the phone and rush to get dressed, I grab my keys and open the garage running my car. I unlock the doors and hopped in, revving the engine and peeling out of my driveway.

I'm having a really hard time right now... I don't mean to disappoint anyone with this chapter ... I promise I'll make a better one in the next chapter .. Xxbella

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