Loosing You || n.h.

"Where are you?" I spoke into the phone. My heart dropped when she hesitated.

"I'm out Niall." She covered the speaker so I wouldn't hear her hush the people in the background.

But I did.

"Come home?" My eyes started to water. I wasn't stupid. I shouldn't be a baby though.

"Niall." She sighed.

"I don't want to be alone. I don't want you to leave me. After all we've been through?" I tried not to let her hear the sadness, the panic, in my voice.

"You know things aren't the same anymore."


4. Chapter 3

Niall started to panic when Skylar didn't show up, but Barney offered to take him out for dinner, it seemed like he forgot all about it.

Barney ordered a second drink as Niall ordered a fifth. He didn't feel so well, he had only been drunk once before, but it was helping him forget about Skylar.

"Niall..." As soon as Niall heard his voice, he knew Barney was going to tell him to stop drinking. Niall didn't fancy that idea right now.

Everywhere he looked he saw Skylar. He even thought he saw Skylar and Ashton walking by the restaurant. Niall knew he was going crazy then.

"I've got to get out of here." Niall thought aloud.

Barney called after him as he stumbled into people, and fell into tables. But Niall had to get out the door.

"That place will drive you crazy." Niall shouted to whoever would listen. He walked up to a man walking his dog. "I thought I saw my best friend with the girl I like." He continued at the same pace, staggering to the right every other step. "Crazy part is, both of them stood me up today. You don't think I actually saw that, do you?"

The man glared at him. "I was like you once. You should just go home boy. She's not interested, don't waste your time." Niall stopped him as they crossed the street. Cars began to honk.

"That's where you're wrong. She likes me. She said so."

The man shook his head, then continued walking. "That's what they all say. 'I still love you Billy. I want to be here. I want to be a part of our little girls life. Billy, I made a mistake. It won't happen again.' She left us. I raised our little girl all on my own. I tried to be a good father to her, but she's just like her mother."

Niall didn't know what to say. He felt torn between feeling sympathy for this man or being right, for his sake.

"I wish you luck though boy. Maybe they're not all the same... Maybe you got lucky." The man started walking faster, now he was pulling the dog, which Niall realized was only a puppy.

He waved at the puppy as it disappeared into the darkness.

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