Loosing You || n.h.

"Where are you?" I spoke into the phone. My heart dropped when she hesitated.

"I'm out Niall." She covered the speaker so I wouldn't hear her hush the people in the background.

But I did.

"Come home?" My eyes started to water. I wasn't stupid. I shouldn't be a baby though.

"Niall." She sighed.

"I don't want to be alone. I don't want you to leave me. After all we've been through?" I tried not to let her hear the sadness, the panic, in my voice.

"You know things aren't the same anymore."


3. Chapter 2

Ashton began to button the itchy black shirt. He looked over at the letters and sighed.

Fuck Barney, and this job. If I didn't need the money I would quit right now.

There was a buzzing sound from across the room.

Left my phone on vibrate. It's probably Barney, wondering why I'm late.

"What?" Ashton spoke into the phone as he answered it.

"Ashton?" It was a girl.

"Who is this?" He immediately changed his tone.

"Ash. It's Skylar." Her voice sounded like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and God, all in perfect harmony.

"Skylar? Wha-"

"I know Niall is up to something at Barney's, for my birthday..." She paused for a moment. "That's something I can't deal with right now. Will you go with me somewhere?" It took him a long time to process all her words.

She wanted to avoid Niall? I thought she liked him... But she, the Skylar was asking me to take her somewhere. How could I say no? This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Uhmm, yeah. I mean, sure. Of course. When?" Ashton pressed the speakerphone and set it back on the table as he started to un-button his Barney's shirt.

"Now would be preferable." With that Aston started to change faster. "And don't tell Niall. I feel it would break his heart. I wouldn't want to do that."

"I won't."


Skylar was already ready to go when she called Ashton. Now all she had to do was wait... And wait.

Her puppy's ears perked. He ran from her side to the door and started to paw at it. Then the pup lost his balance and rolled.

"Gallie." Skylar cooed at the puppy. He came running to her side, shaking his head. "Come on Gallie." She patted her outer thigh as she called for the pup.

There was a knock, then the puppy stopped and started to yelp.

"Gallie, it's Ash. We have to be quite, you don't want to wake dad do you?" The puppy hushed, like he knew what she was saying.

Skylar opened the door. The puppy stayed next to her feet.

"Hi." Ashton smiled.

Skylar smiled back, but it faded as she realized someone may be watching. "Niall has people everywhere. We better go before one of them notices." Skylar began to walk and the puppy followed.

"Looks like you have a twin. Just as adorable." Ashton leaned down on his knees, the puppy ran to him. "Yes you are."

Skylar could feel the blood flow to her cheeks at his comment. "Alright Gallie." She picked the puppy up, he licked her cheek.

"Gallie?" Ashton asked as they walked back up to the door.

Skylar looked back with a smile. "It's short for Galileo." She opened the door and set the pup down. "I'll be back soon. Remember don't wake daddy up." The puppy licked her toes. "Good boy."

Ashton smiled as he watched the scene.

Skylar isn't like any of the other girls I've gone out with... But what about Niall? I really like her.

Skylar stood, she was ready to go. Ashton could hear the puppy pawing at the door.

Ashton, being a gentleman, let Skylar go first. He even opened the car door for her. As he walked to the opposite side he began to think about her again.

This isn't going to end well.

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