Hermione never really liked Ron she always liked Draco and Draco always loved Hermione what happens when they find out each other's secret?


2. The Note

Hermione's pov

I woke up the next morning “Man what happened” then I got a flashback lavender kissing Ron me going to the room of requirement Draco following me then the most amazing Memory Draco kissing me I sighed as I could not stay there on my memories so I got up and got dressed. I went down and went into the common room it was a mess,they parted all night last night. I went down to the great hall and smiled at Draco when I entered but lost it because I didn't want the slytherins noticing I say mext to Ginny and tried not to look at Ron. I tried to eat as quickly as possible and when I walked out letter dropped into my bag by a hooded figure, I didn't see who it was. I opened it and it said:

Meet me in the ror (room of requirement)tonight at 8

Make sure you aren't followed

Don't tell anyone where you will be

And don't tell anyone what happened last night

-you know who

You know who? Who was that? Hermione wondered but she didn't have time to wonder because she had to be in potions in five minutes and as she ran to potions she couldn't help but smile.


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