Hermione never really liked Ron she always liked Draco and Draco always loved Hermione what happens when they find out each other's secret?


1. Chapter 1

Hermione's pov

Ronald had blocked all the goals the slytherin team tried to get past him

“You really shouldn't have done that" I told Harry

“I have no idea what your talking about"

“You could get expelled for that-"

He showed me the vial. I gasped, it was full!

“You didn't put it in. Ron only thought you did."

There was a smile on his face. Then the worst happened, snobby little lavender brown came in oh no. She pulled Ron down and started snogging him.

Then I ran, I ran as fast as I could. As I ran I saw faces rush past me at a point I heard someone run behind me so I ran faster until I got to the rom of requirement. I heard a voice.

“Hello, who's in here" they said I peaked through a hole in the cardboard I was hiding behind. OMG! It's was Draco! (My secret crush). He looked through the hole. “Umm hey Hermione" 

“Hey Draco"

“Do you come in here often?"

“No umm just needed to be alone"

"Oh ok. May I join you?"

"Yeah sure whatever"

He went to go sit down on a couch. I sat down next to him and layed my head on his chest. He looked down and I looked up at his face. We leaned closer and closer then finally our lips touched and then it became more passionate. I realized what I was doing and I broke apart and ran I ran and ran and ran. I ran back to the common room and up to the girls dormitory I heard Harry telling me to stop but I didn't listen I shut the door and layed down in bed and thought.

"Oh no I kissed Draco Malfoy"

Then I fell fast asleep.


A/n sorry that was short please post comments and favorite I will update soon.:)

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