Amusement park (Niall Horan imagine)

Niall: That's wrong babe?
You: Uhm... I'm kinda scared.


1. Trust!

*At the amusement park*

Niall: Come here babe!

You: Where are we going?

Niall: We're going up in the ferries wheel...*he said blushing*

You: Uhm...*you said not following him*

Niall: That's wrong babe?

You: Uhm... I'm kinda scared of the ferries wheel...

Niall: Oh...*he said with a disappointed face*

You: I'm sorry...

Niall: No it's fine... Come with me.*he grabbed your hand*

Niall: Two please.*he handed out some money to the guy*

You: What should I do?

Niall: Just hit the beavers when they shows.

You: Oh okay... *you tried your best but it didn't really succeed*

The guy: We have a winner.*he said pointing at Niall)

Niall: I want that one.*he said pointing at the biggest teddy bear*

The guy: Here you go.

Niall: This is for you...

*you blushed, the teddy bear was holding a heart that said 'I love you'.*

Niall: I love you (Y/N).

You: I love you too Niall.

Niall: Now let's eat some food, I'm starving! Hungry princess?

*you just laughed and followed him*

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