ocean eyes | n.h.

❝you are like the tide - beautiful, hard to resist, but the minute i come running toward you, you pull away.❞ ~

what she would give to take a peek into his dark, beautiful, complicated soul, maybe then, she can steal his heart.

but how can you steal the heart, of someone who can no longer love ?

resisting the tide, is the hardest thing a girl can do...


1. m e e t i n g


author note.


before i begin i would like to say

i hope you like my story :D 


it is written in poem style,

because i find it easier to write, like that.

English is not my best language

but I will try my best for you :) 

this is a darkish Niall fic 

with touch of Larry(;

but mostly Niall/OC

girl has my name xD


hope you enjoy, again.

let me know what you are liking my story.

please don't copy!! let me know, 

if you want help to write(:



O n e

monday morning,

in film class.

I gaze out the window,

at the crying skies,

not really thinking,


completely lost in a thought.

tap, tap, tap.

a sharpened pencil on a wooden desk.

It breaks me free of my galloping day dream,

annoyance rubs at my nerves.

i turn my head.

my dark ponytail,

brushing against my shoulder.

my eyes widen,

my frustration fades

into the dull air

as my curious gaze is met

by the pair of bluest eyes

that no human being

should have the right to own.

they study me intensely,


illuminating from nothing.

he has

spiked blond hair.

the face of an angel.

my exhausted lungs,

they scream for relief,

and it is then and only then,

that i realise,

i have forgotten how to breathe.

in. out.

like the tide.

like his eyes.

his gaze snaps up to me.

my heart, it skips a beat.

he smiles.

my heart, it skips two.


i'm niall, he says.

his voice is soft.

weight behind the words,

sadness in his eyes.

so beautiful,

that it hurts.

K-kristina, I mumble,

the blood rushing under my skin,

slowly turning,

i imagine,

a soft pink.

i open my mouth.

what am i about to say?

i do not know.


that noise has never held so much disappointment,

until today.

the sound of the bell,

so heartbreaking,

ceases everything.

his smile.


my blush.


his gaze.


his being.


and then,

his smile drops.

just like that.

and so,

does my heart.

i close my eyes.

when i open again, the chair is empty.

the air feels cold.

slowly, i gather my things, 

and attempt,

to rid my racing mind,

of his broken presence.




thank you for reading. :D

this is just a introduction(:




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