The Love Triangle

The story about how to handsome boys from the same boy band fell in love with me, and how it made it hard for them to work together will the band break up?..


1. The day I met Harry Styles

It was the first day of summer I, Laura, was walking in the streets to find the perfect outfit for my One Direction concert, My friend Ana was supposed to join me, but had to bail cause her "boyfriend" wanted to see her. I stopped by a very nice clothing shop, walked in, and picked up a few items I thought would be ice to wear at a show -considering the fact i had backstage passes- but, when I was about to go try on the outfits and dresses i had picked, someone pulled me into a fitting room, surprisingly it was Harry Styles hiding from a bunch of hysterical fans waiting outside for him to come out of the shop. My heart stopped for a minute, I was just starting to realise I was in a firing room with my long time crush, the one and only Harry Edward Styles, I was trying to keep my calm so he wouldn't get scared away, after a couple minutes he said:

- Can you help me get out of here?

I replied with an horrible shaky voice:

-How exactly do you want me to do?

-I don't know, but i really need to go, I have to go practice for tomorrow's concert!

-Umh.. okay well i think.. that. erm, we should dress you up as someone else.

-Right.. sure lets do that.

-Okay, i'll be back with some clothes.

I got out of the firing room and picked up a bunch of clothing items, including accessories. I walked back into the cabin, and said:

-Lets get starting, I don't have all day and you don't either.

While i was helping him dress up he ask me:

-Hey.. I never really asked you for your name.

I replied very shyly: name !?... it's Laura..

-Thats a pretty beautiful name you have, nice to meet you Laura.

-Could you please stop moving around? it's annoying... Oh..nice to meet you to.

-Sorry, he said, whats the next step ?

I wasn't done doing his hair yet and he was already getting impatient.

-Well next will be make up..

-Make up!? for what ?

-Way to much people would recognise just by seing your face, eyes, nose...

-Sure but please hurry.

-I am doing my best right now! now stop moving, jes-

When i was done we got out of the shop and i walked him all the way to the studio where he, and the boys were about to practice, he ask me to with him inside so that i could help him get changed back into him self. The inside of the building was gigantic, we were arriving to the bathroom when i said:

-I will not go into the boys bathroom!

He responded in a very tacky way:

-Are you scared?

-N-no, no I am not scared.. I.. jus-

-It's alright lets go in the girls then.


We walked into the girls bathroom, Harry was literally striping down I wasn't surprised but i was not feeling confortable even tho i've been dreaming to meet him, i wasn't expecting it to be in this way. he started watching him face up:

-You've still got some on your cheek, I said.

-I didn't see it..

I was walking away when, he grabbed my arm and said:

-Thanks for everything.

-It's normal.

-Will..will i ever see you again.

-Maybe, i said blushing really badly, I will be at you concert tomorrow.

-Alright, take care, and thanks again.

I started walking out of the bathroom, I went for elevator, after 2 minutes of waiting the elevator was finally opening, at my biggest surprise Niall Horan and Michael Clifford got out of it, they nod at me and then walked away , I was speechless, and was hoping to meet Harry again the next day... 

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