The Love Triangle

The story about how to handsome boys from the same boy band fell in love with me, and how it made it hard for them to work together will the band break up?..


8. Moving in

-You can stay here i'll put you stuff down in my room, do you want anything to drink?

-I'm fine thanks, i said half asleep.

Harry went up stairs to put my clothes down, when he came back i had fallen asleep on the sofa, he took a duvet and put it on me, turned the lights down and went to sleep. 

The next morning i was woken up by Kitty who was probably hungry, I stood up brusquely forgetting about my ankle, i was destabilised and fell back in the couch. I looked for my crutches, i stood up slowly and limped towards them, grabbed them i went to the kitchen:

-Good morning, slept well?I said seeing Harry at the kitchen table.

-Didn't get that much sleep, he yawned, did you sleep well?

-My ankle still hurts apart from that everything is fine, where did you put Kitty's food?

-In the cupboard at your feet, I'll grab it for you.

-No need, i can still use my arms you know, can you get kitty for me please?

-Sure, here you go.

-Hi Kitty, Kitty come see momy.

-Momy? He said with a smirk

-Yes momy! don't you have to go practice today?

-Yeah i do i'll just help you change your bandage and get going.

-I can do it myself, you are going to be late.

- I insist, please sit and give me you leg.

I sat on a chair and put my leg on his laps, he took the bandage of, applied the lotion/medicine on my ankle and put a new bandage on it, I then put my leg my leg down, and he served me some coffee

-Okay, I am off now, if you need anything call, see you in a bit.

-Have a nice day!

-Thanks you to.

He kissed me goodbye then left for the studio, i was incredibly bored, i wanted to go swim but i couldn't because of my ankle, so I got back to my online courses, I was about two weeks in advance on the program. When i was done working, i took a quick shower and got dressed into some clean clothes. I was still upset i wasn't going to be able to do the fashion show, I still hadn't informed the organiser, so I decided to call him:

"-Hello, who is this?

-Oh, Hi, my name is Laura, I auditioned two days ago for the Fashion show next week, and i was calling to inform you that before of an injury I won't be able to walk for several days.

-You can't just quit a fashion show because of an injury, i want you to be on time next week for practice"

The man, then hung up on me, he wasn't what i'd call a gentle man. I heard the door slam, it was Harry coming back from the recording studio:

-Laura, you there?

-Yes, I am in your room, need anything?

-Nah, how was your day?

-Do you want a real & true answer?

-Yeah, I guess.

​-Well the organiser of the fashion show decided i had to perform even tho i told i could barely walk in flat shoe, and that heels wouldn't be and option. How a you day?

He walked into the room, he looked extremely tired, he laid on the bed pulling me closer to him,

-Well Gemma told me that she was having a hangout and she wants us both to come, so if you feel okay we can go if not i'll just tell her we can't make it this time.

-Yeah sure, we should go.

-Are you sure, you can go

-I am don't worry

-Yes I can, I really appreciate you taking care of me Harry but, i am not a kid, and you are not my mom either so please, can't you just pretend i am not hurt for a minute., and act like an actual boyfriend?

-Are you on your period?

-You aren't funny at all, I need some air....Let me go. I walked towards the balcony.

​I didn't know why i was suddenly using such brutal words but what was said was said, and i couldn't take it back. I lid a cigarette, and closed the balcony so that the smoke wouldn't get into the room. When i was done smoking i got back in, went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and get dressed. Harry was down stairs, waiting for me to get prepared, I put my dress on, my makes up, grabbed my crutches and joined him outside:

-You know how i feel about you smoking.

-Not now Harry.

-Actually yes now, smoking won't change anything.

-If you are going to give me a speech about smoking i might as well just call my parents, so they can help you out, you know what fuck this, go see your sister alone, I don't feel like going out anyways. Oh yeah and do you even know why i smoke before saying that?

-Yes i dod, you told me remember.

-Way to be sensible.

-I'm off to Gemma's deal with you issues.

I went to guess room and locked myself in it , it was our first big fight in two weeks. About an hour later i decided to walk around, more like limping. I got out and stared to mach,

-Hey, I haven't seen you around in a while, said someone form behind me, I turn around to figure out it was Niall.

-Hey, how are you?

-I am fine and you, I saw you walking around with crutches and was just wondering what had happen to you?

-Oh that... its nothing really, I just missed a step while going up stairs.

-That sucks, is it twisted

-No broken but more than twisted, wasn't really listening to the doctor he was torturing me anyways.

-I hope you feel better

-Thank you, we arrived in a dark hallway.

After a while i realised he was actually following me around

-Niall are you lost or something?

-I am lost in fact, but in you eyes only.

-Niall are you okay, i look tired you should go back home.

-I don't want to go home, not alone.

-Alright, ar-are you drunk, look you really need to get home i'd help you if i could use both my legs but you need to go home.

By the time i had finished my sentence he had found a way to get my back against the wall, and said:

-I've been in love with you since the day I met you

Before i was even able get a word out his lips were on mine, i pushed him away the best i could

-Niall, I apologise really but, I am with Harry, and I love him.

I walked back home and decided to take a bath to forget about everything, i didn't know what to to, but one thing was sure, i had to avoid Niall the best i could. When Harry came i was still awake, he walked into the room:

-Harry, I am sorry for earlier, I m just upset at my self and i just put it all on y-

-It's alright babe, i know, he said coming towards me to hug me.

-I'm so sorry, I love you.

-I love you more.

We cuddled really tightly, and fell asleep.


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