The Love Triangle

The story about how to handsome boys from the same boy band fell in love with me, and how it made it hard for them to work together will the band break up?..


6. -I am in Love-

-Good morning babe, slept well? 

-ughh.. good morning

-You want to sleep more?

-No its alright i just am still a tired.. wait what time is it? I said,brusquely sitting up

-it's 10am

-Oh god i am late for work, why are you laughing?

-it's sunday sweetie.

He then put his hands on my hips got on top of me, and starting kissing my neck, it was such a nice feeling, not just the kisses in my neck but also the fact that one person could make me feel like the world was only full of joy, and filled me with happiness.

-Harry, how about we go eat something I am starving.

-Alright, he whispered in my right ear so softly, it gave me shivers.

We got out of bed, went down stairs, and took breakfast, the doorbell rung.

-I'll go get it a said.

He grabbed my arm

-You are pant less and you are wearing my shirt which is pretty see through to, so i'll get it.

-Oh yeah sure.

It was Gemma who had forgotten her phone here the previous day, she said hi to me, and then left, she seemed to bed in a hurry. 

-I am going to take a bath

-Can I join?

-No Harry you can't, still like you tho, i said before kissing his cheek.

I went to the bathroom turn the water on, ounce the bath was full i stripped completely and got into the water, I was still thinking about what had happened with Niall last night. I was feeling really bad for some weird reason, cause i can't be mad at myself if i didn't know he had feelings for, plus considering the fact Harry and I were dating for over a week now and had kept it a secret for pretty logic reason I had to reason to feel guilty about anything that had happen between my boyfriend and one of his closest friend, i just really hoped they'd forget about that and start talking again. Harry walked in completely naked, and announce:

-I was feeling alone over there so i decided to join still

-oh god, Love, we can't both fit in here, can we!?

-we can just will be very tight against each other.

At the same moment he got into the bathtub, sat back to me than laid on me, after a couple minutes he started making funny faces, it was pretty amusing.

We god out of the bathroom and i went into the room to get dressed, by the time a was dressed it was already 12am, and I had to get going.

-Harry? Love? I have singing classes i have to leave now.

-Do you need a ride?

-No thank you, but i prefer to walk.

-Alright are you coming back later?

-Probs will.

-See ya, dance well babe!


After two hours of intensive dancing i went back to my apartment to get a change of clothes and another pair of jeans in case i spent a second night with Harry. I took a taxi back to his place, i opened the door, no one was in the house some i took my phone out and composted his number "Hello it's Harold Leaving a message out call back in 2 minutes", he wasn't picking up it was 4 pm. i sat on the couch and turned the TV on. I later stood out to get a drink and on the kitchen table there was i not saying "Repletion with the boys be home soon, take care"

He finally got home at 7pm, he sat next to me put his are around me and said:

-I think I am falling in love with you..

-I..I think I am and too.

Hi kissed my forehead, we then got out of the house hand in hand, we went to the most discrete place we knew not to be see together, or at all, and had a succulent dinner, but on the way back a photographer had spotted us. Worried we stopped the first taxi we found and got home asap.

-Well that was close.

-Yeah I hope he didn't get to time to take pictures, i said a little out of breath

-I don't think he did, but a also hope not.

- Babe it's getting late maybe i should go back home.

-How about you stay here, we can watch movies and eat junk food, and then have a pillow fight.

- I don't know, Kitty (my cat), is home alone i don't know if i left enough food for him.

-He'll be fine, Kitty doesn't even eat that much.

-Alright, i've a better idea tho why don't we play video games, I said moving towards the playstation, I'll be player on and i'll beat you

-You really think you can beat me?

-Hell yeah.

-Sure, then show me what you got.

After two hours of playing video games we both went to bed exhausted.


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