The Love Triangle

The story about how to handsome boys from the same boy band fell in love with me, and how it made it hard for them to work together will the band break up?..


11. 11 month anniversary

I couple months have pass, I still had to go to rehab for my ankle but it was getting better Harry had met my parent and I had met his. Niall and Harry were now friends again. Harry and I did not live together yet we'd just crash sometimes.

-Shit, it's already nine!?

-What's wrong?

-I had to go to some rehabilitation thingy.

-You can miss it, he said kissing my neck.

-Babe, i'd really, really love to stay here with you but it's importent.

-Uhm, he held me back and kissed me even harder, stay.

-Harry really i have to go.

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my clothes and left the house a.s.a.p

When i got back home there was no light what so ever. I walked to the living room, not a soul to be seen. So I decided to go into the room, i opened the door:

-Happy 11 month to us !

-Oh my, I am so sorry I completely forgot.

-Don't worry about it, I've got something for you.

-You did't need to.

-Those flowers are for you, can i ask you something?

-Thanks, yeah sure?

He got on one knee took a little box out of his pocket looked at me and said:

-Laura Quinn, would you marry me?

-Y-ye-yes, I said crying.

He stood up and kissed me then whispered in my ear "I love you"

-I love you to.

The next day Harry had he's parents and sister over to announce them the news, they were all very happy for us. We had a casual dinner and everything went pretty well, they than left at around midnight or past. Before going to bed i called Ana to announce her, she was literally about to pass out-faint-, thankfully she did not. 



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